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Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Decorating a wedding table is not only a necessity but a fun-filled activity in itself. You can choose from a number of ideas to decorate wedding table but before applying any idea consider theme and color scheme of other wedding decorations. Here are some really useful ideas and tips to decorate wedding table.

  • If your wedding is in summer or spring season, you can use potted plants and flowers for wedding table decorations. You can also place flower bouquets in vases to be used as table centerpieces. Placing bouquets as centerpieces is an older and traditional idea but you can set a new trend by using potted plants for decoration. Along with placing potted plants, you can also sprinkle flower petals and leaves on table to give a nice and refreshing floral touch.

  • Wedding tables should be properly illuminated with lights. The best light you can use is candle light. Candles are easy to use as decorative items as they are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. For wedding table decoration, use scented candles and place them in crystal or glass candle-holders. Another idea is to decorate floating candles in a glass bowl. Besides candles, you can also use twinkle lights and wrap them around wedding tables for a more beautiful and elegant touch.

  • Floating bowl centerpieces are also popular wedding table decorations. You can buy glass bowls of different sizes from crafts supply store. For decoration, fill bowl half with water and fill remaining half with other things like candles, flower petals, fresh fruit slices, sea shells and even marbles.

  • Framed photographs of bride and groom can also be placed on wedding table to give a personalized look. For wedding occasion, engagement photos work best. Place bigger picture in middle and two smaller frames to ends of table to complete decoration.

  • Placing signature vases also prove to be very creative and exciting table decorations. You can have signatures of guests on vase to make it a life time memory of wedded couple. For this purpose, buy solid white vases. Place one vase in center of each table along with a number of pens and ask guests to sign vase along with a short message. For further decoration, vases can be filled with flowers.

  • Many items can be sprinkled on tables for decorations like flower petals, dried leaves, sea shells, glitter, beads and small stones. While scattering these items on tables, make sure that you have left enough space for placing plates and drinking glasses.

These were some of decorative items which you can use to decorate wedding tables. Hopefully, you will like these ideas and follow them as well.

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