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Tips to Take Care of Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth? If yes then you must be aware of the pain when your teeth are exposed to too hot or cold thing. Sensitive teeth come with a lot of pain and discomfort which make eating and drinking your favorite food impossible. Sensitive teeth are caused when gums are pulled away from teeth. When gums are pulled away, roots become exposed and have no protection. In this case, all you need to do is to consult a dentist but there are also some tips which you can follow to take care of your sensitive teeth. I have also gathered some tips to take care of sensitive teeth. Have a look on these tips:

  • I know that if you are having sensitive teeth, you will be brushing your teeth twice a day. But do you use the right method to brush your teeth? Always remember that rough movement of brush on your teeth can make the condition of your sensitive teeth worse.
  • Eat foods which are rich in calcium like milk, cheese and yogurt. Some other fruits and vegetables like cucumber, beetroots and almonds are also very good for taking care of sensitive teeth.
  • Potassium nitrate is good for sensitive teeth so buy toothpaste having potassium nitrate in it. While buying toothpaste, ensure that it is especially made for sensitive teeth.
  • Use a mouthwash regularly. For sensitive teeth, nothing is better than a mouthwash containing fluoride. If you are getting confused in selection of an appropriate mouthwash, you can consult your dentist about this.
  • As I mentioned earlier that calcium is a great element for the treatment of sensitive teeth but if calcium containing foods are not working for your sensitive teeth then ask your dentists about taking calcium supplements.
  • Don’t eat foods that contain excess acid or sugar as these two are harmful for sensitive teeth if taken in high quantity.
  • If you are indulged in habit of smoking or taking tobacco then eliminate these habits as early as possible because they can cause irreparable damage to your sensitive teeth.
  • While choosing a toothbrush, make sure that it has extra-soft bristles. And also take care not to brush your teeth horizontally.
  • If you are having sensitive teeth, avoid using too hot and too cold drinks and foods like coffee and ice cream. Also avoid eating candies, wine and taking sour foods like lemon or grapefruit as these can cause trouble for you.

I hope that you will not only like these tips but you will also follow these to take care of your sensitive teeth.

How to Deal with Uneven Skin Tone?

Skin is that part of body which we cannot hide and imperfections like uneven skin tone therefore become very embarrassing. Uneven skin tone also makes you look older, tired and unhealthy so it is very important to get rid of this to groom your personality. There are a number of cosmetics and commercial products which can be used to deal with uneven skin tone but it is always better to seek help from nature. Natural home remedies are there to help you out. Some of these are also listed below:

  • Lemon juice is a great remedy for uneven skin tone. Take a cotton ball and use it to spread undiluted lemon juice over problematical complexion.  Let it dry. You will feel your skin tight and this remedy will prove very helpful in curing uneven skin tone.
  • Lemon juice in combination with honey is also a popular remedy for uneven skin tone. Make a solution of one part honey and one part lemon and apply it to affected area. This sweet solution will work as a magic for uneven skin tone.
  • Mix dried and grounded orange peels with one cup of yogurt. Apply this mixture gently on your skin and let it to stay on your skin for ten minutes. After that rinse off properly.
  • Yogurt can also be used with lime. Make a paste of yogurt with lime juice and apply it on your face. After leaving it for few minutes, wash your face with a normal cleanser.
  • Harsh skin cleansers, sun warmth and dry skin can also cause irritated and red skin. This inflamed skin can be cured by using olive oil. Omega-3 acids in this oil can relieve skin redness.
  • You can also prepare an oatmeal cleanser as it has skin-calming effects and also contains minerals which prove helpful in relieving redness and inflammation. Grind oatmeal using a coffee grinder and make a paste by adding water in it. It will turn into an exfoliating face scrub. For making a skin-whitening facial mask, you can also mix oatmeal with yogurt.
  • Make a baking soda scrub by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of water. Put on this scrub on face in a circular motion and let it stay for a minute. Finally wash your skin with warm water.

These are some of the most popular home remedies for uneven skin tone. You will definitely find them effective but besides these remedies there are some other things which you can do. Eat healthy and add fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your skin healthy. Exercise is also good for blood circulation which finally leads to healthy skin.

Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Noise pollution is increasing day by day due to which our ears are at great risk. Noise pollution can disturb our health and can cause deafness and other ear problems. Researches have proved that continuous exposure to loud sounds spoils hearing ability so it is necessary to lessen the use of high volume devices. Besides doing this, there are a number of other tips which you can follow to prevent hearing loss:

  • Make a habit to use earplugs while swimming or taking bath. The water in swimming pool may be contaminated and can infect the ears. Earplugs should also be used when you are using lawn mowers, power tools and loud appliances.
  • Nature has also managed to protect ears from damaging. There are glands in ear which produce wax to prevent germs and foreign bodies from entering our ear. Wax acts as a natural protector so avoid removing it using sharp objects. Do not even try to clean your ear with cotton swab as by doing this; you can push the wax down the ear which can cause hearing loss on being accumulated.
  • Be careful about volume of sound which you are listening especially while using headphones. If you are using headphones all day long to listen music, make sure that volume is not more than 50 percent. You are required understanding that slower music can also give you same amount of entertainment as louder music. Slowing volume will not affect your entertainment and at the same time, it will have a positive effect on hearing ability.
  • Hearing loss mostly occurs due to prolonged exposure to noise. If you have to listen to loud noises for long period of time, give a break to your ears for sometime. Prolonged exposure to loud noise affects your ear in the same way as loud volume does so avoid listening louder sounds for longer period of time.
  • You should also avoid ototoxic drugs as they are dangerous for ears. Take drugs which have been prescribed under proper medical supervision. If you feel hearing loss after taking some kind of medicine, let your doctor know about it immediately.
  • Head and ear injuries during accidents are also a cause of hearing loss. You can protect yourself by wearing a helmet while driving a cycle or bike as helmets protect skull and ears in case you meet an accident.
  • If you feel some weakness in your hearing ability, immediately consult your doctor. Delay in check-up can make this problem serious and intense and can lead to complete deafness.
  • Also consult your doctor if you work at some place where you have to bear loud sounds like in factories or on airports. Ask your doctor to suggest you some precautionary measures to protect your ears.
  • Genetic hearing loss is not serious and it can be cured. So if you suffer from this kind of problem, don’t worry.

These were some tips regarding preventing hearing loss. Follow these to protect your ears and to have this beautiful gift of nature with you throughout your life.

Tips for the Treatment of Cracked Heels

Cracked heel is a problem that mostly occurs in winter season. Cracked heels can make you embarrassed at public places. People do a lot of things to hide this problem like they always wear socks and covered shoes. Are you also among those people who can not enjoy wearing revealing shoes? Don’t worry. There are a number of home remedies for cracked heels but firstly you would require knowing causes of cracked heels so that you can treat them properly. Here are some common causes of cracked heels:

  • Cracked heels may be caused by untidy feet.
  • Cracked heels may also be caused by over weight as in that case, they are under more pressure.
  • Using ill-fitted shoes may be a cause of cracked heels.
  • Standing barefooted on hard surface for longer period of time is also a cause of cracked heels.
  • You may also suffer from cracked heels if you have dry skin and you do not moisturize your feet properly.
  • Some problems like diabetes, thyroid disease and eczema can also result in cracked heels.
  • You may have cracked heels if you have deficiency of essential vitamins, minerals and zinc.

Remedies for Cracked Heels

Here are some remedies for cracked heels:

After washing your feet well, apply vegetable oil and let it absorbed in affected area.

You can also apply a mixture of glycerine and rose water for treatment of cracked heels. Apply this mixture to your feet everyday and within days you will feel the difference.

Raw glycerine can also be applied on cracked heels.

Soak your feet in lemon juice for 15 minutes daily to get rid of cracked heels.

Mix lemon juice and Vaseline and make a paste. Apply this on affected area for immediate results.

Melt some paraffin wax and mix it with mustard oil. Apply this paste on affected area in night and rinse properly in morning.

You can soak your feet in warm and salty water to soften your feet. Then you can use a pumice stone to scrub affected area. This process will remove dead cells. After doing this, apply a moisturizing lotion or cream.

Other Tips for Cracked Heels

  • First of all do not walk barefooted on hard floor and always remember to use soft shoes.
  • Always wear shoes with close backs.
  • Buy footwear with a good sole in shoe.
  • Use medicated moisturizing creams having aloe vera.
  • Make a habit of using cotton socks as they prevent skin from becoming dry.

Food Which you Should Eat

You can not only apply different creams and lotions to prevent cracked heels but there are also some foods which you should eat as well. Take foods having vitamin E as it cures this problem. Some foods containing this vitamin are green vegetables, cereals, nuts and wheat germ. Also take foods which contain calcium, iron and zinc. For this, you can take milk, cheese, yogurt, chicken, beans, brown rice and fish etc.

Tips to Control Habit of Overeating

Do you feel yourself unable to control the habit of overeating? If you have made a resolution that you will break your habit of overeating then you will need to be very careful about your overall eating habits. People, who have developed a habit of overeating, find it difficult to keep a check on their appetite but I have a set of some simple tips and instructions that are really helpful in this regard:

  • Firstly, I will share a tip with you which I followed and found very helpful. I was badly indulged in habit of overeating when my friend told me to stop drinking sodas and carbonated drinks. Let me tell you that carbonated drinks are your biggest enemies. Many people have a misconception that diet drinks have zero calories but they don’t know that sweetening agents used in these sodas stimulate your appetite. So stop drinking such sodas and use fresh fruit juice.
  • Drink a glass of water every morning before eating breakfast. This habit will not only reduce your appetite but also keep your body hydrated. Being hungry may be helpful in reducing weight but being thirsty is harmful for health.
  • Try to eat food a bit slowly because eating speedily is not good for health. Eat slowly and let your mind accept that your body has consumed enough food needed by your body. Our brain needs sufficient time to accept it so take your time to finish your meal. Doing this will send a message to your brain that you have taken the required food.
  • Emotional disturbance can also leads to the habit of overeating. In that case, try to avoid overeating and discuss your problem with someone close to you. After doing this, you will feel relaxed and calm and it will also save you from overeating.
  • Make a food journal and write everything you eat and drink in a day. It is a good tip to leave habit of overeating. After a week, review your journal and you will be able to find out that in what conditions you eat more than required by your body. Also try to find out which things make you hungry. Avoid such things and use alternate of such foods.
  • Make a habit of doing some sort of activity or exercise as it will also help you overcome this habit. I will recommend you to do yoga, dance or aerobics or any other activity that requires self-control. Stick to any of the activities for almost 6 months and you will see a huge difference because these activities will give you a confidence to control your habit.

These were some of the most important tips which I also tried to get rid of this habit of overeating. You can also follow them without any hesitation because they are all proven. So go ahead and make you look smart and healthy.

Follow These to Break Habit of Eating Junk Food

Most of us especially teens are fond of eating junk food like fries, pizza and burgers. These edibles are good in small quantity but if you have developed a habit of eating junk food then it may be dangerous for your health. If you are one of those who want to break junk food habit then you are lucky to read this post as I am going to share some important tips with you which will help you a lot in breaking this habit:

  • Make a habit of having a healthy breakfast and the best option is to try oatmeal as it proves to be the best to start your day in a healthy way. You can make it delicious by adding some of your favorite fruit to it. It will not only healthy for you but it will also fill you up.
  • While leaving home in the morning, take freshly made coffee with you as it will prevent you from stopping at a coffee shop on your way to work. Actually coffee shops do not only provide coffee but also tempt you to eat baked food available at these shops and prevent you from breaking your junk food habit.
  • When it comes to taking mid-morning snack, make sure that you are eating something healthy and nutritious rather than a junk or unhealthy and fattening food.
  • Another tip which is very useful in breaking junk food habit is to drink a lot of water. Drinking lots of water will not only keep your body hydrated but also help you feel fuller and consequently it will reduce your hunger and temptation to eat some snacks or other junk food.
  • Have a healthy lunch daily. If you will not bring lunch with you, you will be urged to visit eatery in your office and you will eat something unhealthy available here. So don’t forget to bring your lunch with you as it will also save your money being spent on buying junk food items.
  • Nothing is good and healthy than fresh fruits and vegetables so have fruits and vegetables with you all day long. When you feel hungry, eat fruits and vegetables instead of snacks and fries. It will help you a lot in leaving habit of eating junk food.

If you will follow these tips, you will definitely feel a change in you and your habits and you will surely develop a habit of eating healthy food items instead of junk food.

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