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Tips for Beach Wedding Decoration

Decoration for a beach wedding is same as that for other outdoor events. It can be a challenge but at the same time it is a great fun. Here I am going to give you some useful tips for beach wedding decoration which will be helpful:

  • Before buying any decorative element, you will need to consider a color theme. For beach wedding, such a color theme should be chosen which may not distract from nature. Bright colored items and decorations are not appropriate for beach weddings. Ideal colors for beach weddings are gold, soft pink, peach and light teal. Such colors create a romantic feel. Remember that every thing used for beach wedding decoration should be light and flowing.
  • Flowers are a must item for decorating a wedding venue. For decorating a beach wedding, use light flowers and do not go for roses as roses create a heavy look.
  • Use natural elements of beach for decoration. Sea shells, rocks and pieces of driftwood all prove to be the best and provide rustic accents. Glass bowls can be filled with sea shells for table decoration. Candles can not be used for beach wedding decoration as ocean breezes are unpredictable and burning candles with strong winds can lead to an accident.
  • Always look for strong and sturdy decorations because beaches are windier. Your decorations should not blow away with wind. You can add rocks and heavy shells at bottom of floral arrangements to provide them with support. Rocks also create wide bases for centerpieces and prevent them from toppling on to tables.
  • Arrange sand-friendly chairs for beach wedding instead of trendy indoor chairs. Decorate chairs with flowers, ribbons or tulle.
  • Night time beach wedding also requires proper lighting in spite of the presence of full moon and stars. You can place torches along the perimeter and use floating candles centerpieces on tables in order to provide light without using electricity. Cake and buffet tables can be decorated with light strands. Use battery operated strands instead of light requiring outlets.

While decorating a beach for wedding, you should remain in touch with all governing bodies to know about all rules regarding using that beach. Your beach wedding decorations should not violate some kind of rules.

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