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Tips to Break Bad TV Habits in Kids

Have your kids developed bad TV habits? Don’t worry because it’s never too late. All you need to do in this case is to control the situation to break this bad habit. To help you further, I will give you some tips and suggestions which will prove quite beneficial for you to overcome the situation:

  • First thing which you can do is to make TV a hard to use thing. For this, you can take TV out of your kids’ room or place it in store room to get rid of it. Emphasize on watching family TV together and place that TV in an armoire having doors with it so that you can lock the doors after watching TV. If you don’t have an armoire in your home, take remote control and simply hide it from your kids.
  • Do not let your kids watch TV alone because your kids are not able to make a wise viewing decision alone. Watch TV with your kids to make sure that they are watching only those programs which are appropriate for their ages.
  • Limit the time of watching TV to maximum of two or three hours a day. This does not mean at all that you are ought to allow those two hours daily. You can create some activities for your kids so that they agree on watching TV even less than those two hours. It is even better to limit watching TV to weekends because it is easier to handle weekend TV viewing.
  • Kids always imitate what their parents do so try to be a good example for your kids and watch less TV. For this, you will need to show them that you don’t need a TV to have fun and enjoy. Make them understand that there are a lot more activities which they can do to relax.
  • If your kids want to watch shows which are inappropriate for their maturity levels then have a conversation with them. Encourage your kids to explain to you why they want to watch that particular show. Then make them understand by explaining why a specific show is not good for their mental level.
  • You can also set some rules for watching TV. For example, if your kid has watched a particular episode of a show more than once, it means it is no longer eligible for viewing as watching more than once is enough.
  • Make a TV schedule to plan viewing time. Help your kids highlighting those shows which they don’t want to miss. Encourage them to use any other color to indicate those shows which they can easily edit from their viewing plan. I think this is the most appropriate technique to help kids breaking bad TV habit.

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