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Tips on Cleaning Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is mostly liked by people for its good looks and durability but at the same time, its maintenance and cleaning also requires a lot of efforts whether it is polished, oiled or painted. You must also have wooden furniture in your homes. If you find it difficult to clean it then don’t worry as I am going to give you some tips on cleaning wood furniture. Cleaning wood furniture is not difficult at all as it can be cleaned by using common household items.

  • When you decide on cleaning your wood furniture, you are required to gather product information about your furniture first. If you don’t have any idea about type of wood and its treatment, then you don’t need to be worried. Just take a chair or table to the nearest furniture shop and take experts’ opinion. If you will start cleaning your furniture without having proper information, then cleaning products can spoil your expensive furniture.
  • Most of people have oiled furniture in their homes. The best way to maintain such furniture is to wipe it with a soft cloth in order to remove all the dust. You must definitely have noticed white spots on oiled furniture. A method to get rid of them is to use toothpaste to remove them.
  • For cleaning your wood furniture, you can also make oil at your home by mixing equal parts of turpentine and linseed oil. Mix these two ingredients carefully and then apply with grain of the wood using a spongy cloth. This oil would prove to be the best to restore furniture’s gleam by penetrating into pores of wood furniture. You are not required to apply this oil frequently as applying it a few times in a year is sufficient.
  • If you have painted wood furniture in your room, then its cleaning process would be different as you will require vacuuming painted wood daily using a brush attachment. You don’t need to rub furniture with harsh hands. Only wiping surface with soft and dry cloth would be enough.
  • Fingerprints on wooden furniture look so dirty and clumsy. I also faced the same problem but then someone told me a very good tip and that was to take a moist sponge and clean painted wood furniture with it by making sure that sponge has been squeezed properly because extra moisturizer can damage furniture or spoil its color.
  • Now come toward polished furniture. To clean polished furniture, use liquid furniture polish, paste wax or aerosol. Paste wax has proved to be the best as it fills the scratches and needs to be used only twice a year. As far as liquid polish is concerned, it needs to be applied more frequently as compared to wax that is for three to four times in a year. Most of the people prefer to use aerosol as it is easier to apply but they don’t know that it contains silicone that can make furniture slippery.

Here I have tried to give cleaning tips of all types of furniture. Hopefully you will get benefit from these tips according to furniture you have and make your guests surprised with ever-shinning furniture.

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