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Remedies for Smelly and Stinky Feet

Are you worried about your stinky feet????? Do you feel embarrassment when you take off your shoes in front of someone? If the answer is yes then you must do something to get rid of your smelly feet to avoid embarrassment. You will require following some simple tips in this regard. These tips are as follows:

  • Firstly you will have to keep your feet clean as washing your feet will help to reduce bacteria that cause smell in feet. So I would suggest you to wash your feet more than once in a day with soap and water. Anti-bacterial soap is recommended strongly as it is better than ordinary soap to get rid of smelly feet.
  • Also make sure to dry your feet thoroughly before putting on a new pair of socks. Do not use the same socks which you had put on before as it will again produce moisture and bacteria in your feet and can cause smell.
  • Try to keep your feet as dry as possible as moisture is one of the many other variables that cause bacteria to flourish and survive. Take your shoes immediately if you don’t need them. Another option may be to use those socks that can absorb moisture from your skin. Cotton socks are best in this regard.
  • Let your shoes dry our completely. When you take off your shoes, place them near a window in room so that it may not cause bad odor in your room and if the smell is really bad, wash your shoes if it is possible.
  • As I have mentioned earlier that foot odor is caused by bacteria and sweat, so you can treat them in the same way as you treat body odor and sweat. Use an antiperspirant along with deodorant. This will not only help you to prevent bad smell but at the same time you will get rid of sweat also.
  • Here I will share a great remedy with you that will really work. Soak your smelly feet in water with three tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup of kosher for about 15 minutes. Don’t rinse your feet after soaking is done but make sure to dry them well.

These were some simple tips to get rid of stinky feet. Follow these tips and get rid of stinky feet and embarrassment.

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