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Removing Scratches from Plastic Windows

When it comes to keep the house clean, housewives become very careful that their home should look as clean and beautiful as possible. They try to remove every stain or scratch that makes the furniture, windows and carpets looking bad. Similarly, scratches on the plastic windows look very bad and become a cause of embarrassment in front of your guests. People mostly think that it is almost impossible to remove scratches from the plastic windows but here some simple tips are given to get rid of this problem.

Helpful Tips

  • To remove the scratches, you will not have to buy something expensive. These things are always in your home but you are unaware of their beneficial uses. Toothpaste is such a thing which we think is only used for cleaning our teeth but how many of you know that it can be used to remove scratches from the plastic windows. While using toothpaste to remove the scratches, make sure that the toothpaste should not be gel-based as it will have no effect on the scratches. First of all clean the area from where you want to remove scratches and dry it using a lint-free cloth. The next step is to apply a considerable amount of toothpaste on the affected area. After this, remove the extra paste and dry the plastic windows with the same type of cloth mentioned above. Now you will surely be surprised to see that all the scratches are gone.
  • As an alternative of toothpaste, furniture polish can be used. The method is almost identical. Firstly, you will have to clean and dry the area with a lint-free cloth and then spray the polish on the scratches generously. Similarly, remove the excess spray and dry it with the same cloth. You can also use an old newspaper instead of cloth as newspaper works better than cloth to keep the windows clean. But in case you have to remove the scratches this method of using newspaper would not be effective because coarse fiber of newspaper may increase scratches instead of removing them.
  • If you find the above to methods failed in removing the scratches then try this one. It would definitely help you. The method is quite simple and the things used to remove scratches by this method must surely be at your home. These things are vinegar and dry mustard. To start with, make a paste of dry mustard and vinegar taking equal parts of both.  First take dry mustard and then slowly pour vinegar so that a paste is formed. Now clean the plastic and apply the paste on the scratches. Remove extra paste and then dry the affected area with lint-free cloth. Now scratches on your plastic windows would be vanished.

By following these simple tips, you will find it very easy to keep your plastic windows clean and shining all the time.

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