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Designing French Nail Tips

Women are always very conscious about their beauty whether it is about their face, hair, hands or even nails. When it comes to design their nails in different patterns, most women love to have French manicure in which they have white tips and transparent pink coat on rest of the nails. French manicure is very popular among the women as it is suitable for all occasions and matches well with all types of dresses. If you are one of the women who want to have French nail tips but finding it difficult then follow the tips and instructions given below:

  • First of all remove your old nail polish before designing French manicure nail tips.
  • After that, carefully push back cuticles with wooden cuticle stick. You can use cuticle cream or oil before pushing back cuticles.
  • Next step is to trim the nails. Use a nail file and trim your nails to have desired length and shape.
  • Now apply clear base coat. It is necessary to prevent your French tips from cracking. The designing of traditional French tips is finished here. But if you want more colorful French tip designs, you may lay down the color that you have selected for rest of the nails before painting the tips.
  • While designing your French nail tips do not limit yourself to pale shades but instead of it try to use bright, bold and attractive colors like golden, black, red or silver. To create a womanly look, try lilac, light blue and mint green shades.
  • The next step is to decide about the shape of French nails tips. For a traditional French tips, a rounded line is painted across the nail to mark the tip. A chevron shape is used for giving a bolder look to the nails. When you select chevron tips your nails would be in “v” shape having a sharp point in the center and the polish is applied on either sides of “v”.  Diagonal tips are another option. To form a diagonal line across your nails, use a strip of tape. Now paint the area above the line with your tip color.
  • French manicure looks very unique and unusual by just applying the polish but you can add embellishments to give more elegant look to your nails. You can either paste stones along the tips of nails or use nail charms that are of peel-and-stick nature. They would be available at any beauty store. Nail art pens can also be used because they help to draw the designs on the nails easily as they contain nail polish in pen-like container.

These were some tips to have French nail tips. Hopefully they will help you to give a newer and unique look to your nails.


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