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Ideas for Wedding Flowers Decoration

Although flowers have always been a main decoration item in all occasions but at weddings, they are an essential part of decoration. A lot of care has to be taken in using flowers as decoration items as they should be selected according to the theme of wedding. Flowers decoration on wedding have always inspired me and I have gathered a number of ideas about using flowers for wedding decorations. If you are finding some stuff regarding this, must read this article as I am going to share some of the most magnificent ideas for wedding flowers decorations.

Decorating Wedding Reception with Garlands

Decoration on wedding reception should be very attractive therefore the decoration should be decorated with beautiful lily garlands. You may order your florist to make garlands using several wires leaving some extra wire for hanging. To add to the beauty of garlands, you can also cover wires with large satin bows. Then prepared garlands can be used in decoration of pews, stairs and porches. Make sure to get garlands prepared on wedding day to prevent them from wilting.

Decorating Aisles with Roses

The aisles can be covered with rose petals of different colors. I have also seen on some weddings that glass vessels containing floating candles are also placed on the sides of aisles to boost the beauty and elegance of decoration. Petals can also be added in water vessels to give an enhanced and rich look.

Centerpieces of Different Flowers

On wedding receptions, floral centerpieces look very attractive and give a romantic touch to the whole venue. In case of an outdoor wedding, floating floral centerpieces can be the best idea. All you need to do is to fill shallow bowls with water and add flowers bloom. They will look unique while floating at top of water. This centerpiece can also be used as an alternate for formal bouquets which prove very expensive for a casual wedding.

Placing flower bulbs in tables are an exceptional wedding decoration. To use this idea for decorating your wedding, you can pour white stones and insert bulbs in a transparent glass vessel. Pour lukewarm water in the pot before wedding day so that they can bloom on your big day.

Decoration with Orchids

White orchids can also be used for wedding decorations. I have especially mentioned this color because it gives a soft and romantic look which is perfect for the occasion of wedding. Orchids can be placed in white vessels and can be used as centerpieces. You can also décor reception or aisles with orchids.

Flowers Favors

Don’t forget to prepare flower favors for attendees of wedding. They will not only help them to remember your wedding but also these favors can add to decoration of tables. Flowers to be used for making favors should be according to theme of wedding decoration. Make bouquets of flowers and present them to guests at the end of wedding.

When it comes to arrangement of favors, people mostly get confused but here is an excellent idea that can help you a lot. Make a group of flowers and create a large centerpiece. Place them on the tables along with a note asking guests to take one of bouquets at the end. It will make your guests feel happy and esteemed as well as these centerpieces will become another way to decorate tables.

These were some useful ideas about wedding decoration with flowers using different ways. Follow these ideas and make your bid day memorable for you and your guests.


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