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Tips to Improve a Kid’s Reading Skills

Kids of this era are more interested in watching TV, playing video games and searching nasty material on internet. Many parents have complaints that their kids are loosing their interest in reading books but they don’t think that it is not only the kids who are responsible for this. Parents of this age don’t have much time to encourage their kids spending time in healthy activities. If you are one of such parents then keep in mind that your involvement is necessary to help your kid developing interest in reading books. If you don’t know how then I am here to give you some useful tips to improve your kid’s reading skills:

  • Spare some time for your kid and ask him to read you a book. If he is having difficulty in pronouncing difficult and different words then try to be patient and tell him how to pronounce it correctly. Let your kid pick the book of his own choice so that he becomes able to develop his interest in reading books.
  • Your kid should have a habit of reading a book daily. You can help him to do so by making reading a part of everyday’s routine. Choose a specific time of day and ask your kid to read you a book on that specified time. This specific time may be either bedtime or a time after any meal. In my opinion bedtime is favorite time of kids when they like to read different story books. If your kid is finding it difficult to choose a book then help him out by suggesting a book that suits to his taste.
  • To improve reading skills of your child, you can ask him to try to add some new words in his vocabulary. It doesn’t mean at all that you should expect your kid to speak difficult and complex words but it simply means that you should appreciate your kid whenever he tries to speak a new word.
  • When going on a trip with family, take your kid’s books, story books and other activity books with you. During the journey, take his favorite book out of his bag and start reading it with your kid. Also take some of his most favorite books and surprise him by reading that book during your enjoyable journey. It will definitely make your kid excited and guessing all the time that what they will be reading next.
  • When you find your kid reading a story book, participate with him in reading. When you will read that book with your kid for a number of times, he will gain enough confidence to read it at his own.
  • Keep your kid’s favorite books at places where he goes many times a day. Some great options are to keep the books in toy room, car, toy basket and in store where he has his video games and stuff like that.

These were quite simple tips and methods which you can use to help your kid develop interest in reading books and he will be able to not only read story books but also he will like to read magazines and other books.

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