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How to Care for Fish in Fish Bowl?

Your fish can live long in fish bowl if you take proper care of them. Were you looking for some tips on how to care for fish in fish bowl? If yes then you are reading an absolutely right post. I have gathered a number of tips which you can follow in this regard:

  • Cleanliness is the most important factor to be taken care of so clean your fish bowl at least once a week. The method is simple. All you need to do is to pour water and fish from bowl in another container. Now use hot water to rinse the bowl. Never use soap for cleaning fish bowl. After rinsing the bowl, put substrate back in bottom of bowl.
  • After you rinse the fish bowl, don’t refill it with cold water. Use lukewarm water instead. Now use a net to take your fish out of container and place it back in bowl.
  • What about feeding of fish? Fish are needed to be fed once a day at least. For this, use recommended fish food. Don’t forget to follow the instructions given on food label. Fish food makers usually suggest two smaller feedings instead of one larger feeding. Don’t put excess food in bowl as it will spoil water and generate the need to change water.
  • Before having an additional fish in fish bowl, you should consider the size of bowl. Providing your fish with a friend or companion is a nice idea but you will have to understand that fish require enough space to live. A bowl having a size of gallon can have no more than two fish.
  • Now think about proper placement of fish bowl. Fish bowl should not be placed at an area where it has risks of falling, spilling or breaking. Place fish bowl in center of a large table or shelf. And one more thing! Never place fish bowl in direct sunlight because excessive heat can warm the water up and can kill your fish. Place your bowl at a location which receives natural light in moderate quantity.

These were some simple tips to take care of fish in their bowl. Follow these with great care and have healthy fishes in your home.

Tips to Keep Flies Out of Home

Summer season is going on and you must be enjoying it. Long days of summer are mostly enjoyed with open windows so that fresh air may come in the house. But open windows also invite flies. Seeing flies flying here and there in your house is just like a nightmare. Closing doors and windows is not a solution to this problem. Here are some tips and tricks to keep flies away from indoors:

  • Try to keep your house as clean as possible. Don’t let your kids throw garbage and litter in yard. Instead of it, use a trash bin with a lid to dispose off waste. Indoor trash should also be bagged up and thrown regularly. Flies actually feast on garbage and rotten foods so to keep them away, it is necessary to keep them starved. Always keep food items in containers and refrigerator.
  • Opening windows become necessary in summer so that excessive heat in house may leave. Open windows but make sure that you have screens or curtains on windows. Check screens to ensure that they have been fit properly. Do not open doors for longer period of time.
  • There are some fragrances which flies do not like at all so use those fragrances for your advantage to keep flies away. For this, you can place crushed mint sachets or bay leaves in windows and doorways. These will stop flies from entering in. Lavender can also be used for the same purpose as it has strong smell.
  • You can use some other tricks to keep flies out of house. The best trick is the water method. Take a clear plastic bag, fill it with water and hang it over doorway or window. Light will refract through this water bag creating a large reflection of fly. When fly will see a huge creature in its way, it will change its way and will never try to enter. Isn’t it great??????
  • To make above method more effective, you can also put pennies in water bag. Flies will consider water bag and pennies as a spider and its web. Being scared, they will not enter your house.
  • You can also put a pot of sweet basil near windows as it is a natural fly repellent. It is used in cooking also so it is not hard to get this.
  • Moreover don’t let standing water stay near doorways as it attracts flies. Make sure to switch off unnecessary lights because light also works as an attractor of flies.

This was a complete description of some tricks which you can use to keep flies away. Follow these and enjoy this season to its fullest.

Household Tips for Cleaning Carpet

Carpets are found in almost every home as they are a good alternative of expensive flooring but at the same time carpets require more efforts for their maintenance and cleanliness. Actually carpets are made of such material which can easily absorb germs so it becomes necessary to clean a carpet on regular basis. Different tips and methods are used to keep the carpet clean. Are you also looking for such tips? If yes then read this post because I have gathered some easy household tips to keep the carpet clean:

  • You are required to vacuum the carpet on weekly basis but it is not a hard and fast rule. You may have to clean your carpet daily if lot of people travel on it throughout a day.
  • If your carpet is giving bad smell, you can make it fragrant by sprinkling baking soda on it. After sprinkling the soda, brush the soda completely into carpet. You can do this with help of a broom. Using baking soda is a proven tip to get rid of smelly carpet.
  • Let the baking soda sit on carpet overnight and then you can vacuum the carpet to remove baking soda.
  • If a strong odor develops in your carpet and you feel that baking soda is not working for that strong smell then you can use vinegar. All you need to do is to fill a spraying bottle with vinegar and then spray it on carpet. Vinegar will work like a magic to remove the smell of food particles and even the smell of vomits and pets’ activities.
  • In order to clean a carpet deeply and thoroughly, use a steam cleaner. You can make a cleaning solution at home. Instead of buying expensive steam cleaning solution, you can use vinegar. Take one cup of vinegar and mix half a cup of baking soda in it. Then make a solution by adding enough water in it so that it can reach fill line of fluid container.  After doing this, run the steam cleaner on carpet in the same way as you use vacuum cleaner.

See! How simple is that. You can make your carpet look neat and clean by using either baking soda or vinegar. Both of these are available at your home so you don’t need to go anywhere to get expensive cleaning agents. Just follow tips given above and have a nice-smelling carpet in your home.

Tips on Cleaning Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is mostly liked by people for its good looks and durability but at the same time, its maintenance and cleaning also requires a lot of efforts whether it is polished, oiled or painted. You must also have wooden furniture in your homes. If you find it difficult to clean it then don’t worry as I am going to give you some tips on cleaning wood furniture. Cleaning wood furniture is not difficult at all as it can be cleaned by using common household items.

  • When you decide on cleaning your wood furniture, you are required to gather product information about your furniture first. If you don’t have any idea about type of wood and its treatment, then you don’t need to be worried. Just take a chair or table to the nearest furniture shop and take experts’ opinion. If you will start cleaning your furniture without having proper information, then cleaning products can spoil your expensive furniture.
  • Most of people have oiled furniture in their homes. The best way to maintain such furniture is to wipe it with a soft cloth in order to remove all the dust. You must definitely have noticed white spots on oiled furniture. A method to get rid of them is to use toothpaste to remove them.
  • For cleaning your wood furniture, you can also make oil at your home by mixing equal parts of turpentine and linseed oil. Mix these two ingredients carefully and then apply with grain of the wood using a spongy cloth. This oil would prove to be the best to restore furniture’s gleam by penetrating into pores of wood furniture. You are not required to apply this oil frequently as applying it a few times in a year is sufficient.
  • If you have painted wood furniture in your room, then its cleaning process would be different as you will require vacuuming painted wood daily using a brush attachment. You don’t need to rub furniture with harsh hands. Only wiping surface with soft and dry cloth would be enough.
  • Fingerprints on wooden furniture look so dirty and clumsy. I also faced the same problem but then someone told me a very good tip and that was to take a moist sponge and clean painted wood furniture with it by making sure that sponge has been squeezed properly because extra moisturizer can damage furniture or spoil its color.
  • Now come toward polished furniture. To clean polished furniture, use liquid furniture polish, paste wax or aerosol. Paste wax has proved to be the best as it fills the scratches and needs to be used only twice a year. As far as liquid polish is concerned, it needs to be applied more frequently as compared to wax that is for three to four times in a year. Most of the people prefer to use aerosol as it is easier to apply but they don’t know that it contains silicone that can make furniture slippery.

Here I have tried to give cleaning tips of all types of furniture. Hopefully you will get benefit from these tips according to furniture you have and make your guests surprised with ever-shinning furniture.

How to Reduce Household Odors?

Household odors are quite irritating and become a reason of embarrassment in front of your guests. There may be different reasons of house odors including dirty kitchen cabinets, stinky bathrooms or pets. Regardless of the source of the smell, you should find ways to remove these odors. If you don’t know how to do this then follow these simple and effective tips.

Tips to Remove Odors

  • The most irritating odor is that coming from a dirty bathroom. The smell normally emits from toilet and sink. In order to get rid of this smell, you can wash your toilet bowl with vinegar. The method is quite simple and easy. Just pour a cup of vinegar in bowl and allow it to remain for a couple of minutes. To remove sink odor, all you can do is to apply a mixture of water and bleach. After applying this mixture, wait for one hour and then wash it with cold water.
  • The odors can also originate from a dirty refrigerator. If you want to remove this smell, you can place a container containing a piece of charcoal in it. Keep in mind that the container should have holes in it. By following this tip, you will feel that all the smell has gone. The reason is that the charcoal absorbs bad smells. Some other things may prove helpful in reducing refrigerator smell such as baking soda and ground coffee.
  • You may also have to face smell coming from laundry. The reason is quite clear. There are stinky clothes and socks in laundry room. But you can eradicate this smell by adding vinegar while washing clothes. To avoid smell from socks, rinse them and soak them in a mixture of water and vinegar. Keep them soaked for half an hour and then squeeze them and let them get dry.
  • Your carpet may also be a cause of bad smell in your house. If it is so, you can use baking soda. Just sprinkle it on carpet and let it stay for some time. After that, clean the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner.
  • If your carpet is causing smell because of vomiting or pet’s shit then you can use soda water to get rid of them. The method is simple. Just apply soda water to the affected area and then soak it up with a cloth.
  • Your rooms may become smelly due to some reason. If it is irritating you, then you can place bowls filled with white vinegar in all the room corners. The smell can also be eliminated by putting ground coffee in a sock and hang it in the room at a location that is not visible.
  • Another thing that can remove bad smells is the air freshener spray. Make a habit to spray air freshener once or twice a day in all the rooms. It will make your house feeling fresh and fragrant. Also it will absorb all the bad smells.

These were some tips that are good enough to remove bad odors from your home. Just follow them and make your house fresh and aromatic.

Tips on Tightening Old and Wrinkled Skin

Getting older is a bitter reality of life as it can’t be avoided. Getting older is not pleasant at all because it makes you look tired and lethargic especially your skin starts looking wrinkled and ugly. But it is not as big problem as the old people think it to be. There are a lot of tips and tricks which can be followed to tighten your old and wrinkled skin. Some of these tricks are:

Make a Face While Exercising

The first and the simplest trick is to make faces while doing exercise. The method is quite easy to follow. While doing exercise, make such face that tightens your facial muscles. Keep holding this face while exercising. If you are not habitual of doing exercise then start it immediately. Apart from giving you a healthy looking skin, exercise would also help you to keep your body and mind fit and younger.  When you will use your facial muscles you will feel a prominent change in your skin. It will make your skin elastic and wrinkle free.

Making Faces Apart from Exercising

If you are not able to exercise or don’t want to do exercise even then you should follow the technique of making faces as it helps a lot in tightening your skin. You can use this technique by tightening and releasing your skin to maintain its elasticity. The area around eyes and mouth start wrinkling very soon. To keep this area firm and tight, facial exercise proves to be the best. You can also follow another interesting technique. Just smile or frown for 5 minutes daily to avoid wrinkles.

Keep Yourself Relaxed

You should also find some way to keep yourself relaxed because taking stress can be proved very harmful for your skin. There are several ways of relaxing like reading your favorite book, doing yoga or taking a bath.

Eat Healthy Food

Another secret trick of keeping your skin looking fresh and young is to take healthy food like fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and stuff like that. Keep in mind not to consume refined sugar.

Avoid Sitting in Sun for Long Time

Don’t go into sun without sun block. The facial skin can be damaged by the harmful rays of sun making it look old and wrinkled. If you are ought to go into sun then use a good quality sun block.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing the skin is also effective because it provides essential nutrients to your skin and retains its freshness.

These were some important tips and methods to prevent your skin from wrinkles in old age. Hope you will find these quite beneficial for you.

Tips to Stop Nightmares in Kids

A restful and peaceful sleep is necessary for the healthy growth of kids. Some kids suffer from a problem during their sleep. That problem is getting nightmares while sleeping. This problem causes anxiety and restlessness in children, so it becomes essential to get rid of this problem.  If your child has the same problem then read this article. You will find it very useful.

Important Tips

  1. Don’t let your children watch horror movies and frightening books before bed time as they are a big cause of nightmares. You can play a light music before your child go to sleep. Listening to calm, peaceful and light music will stop nightmares.
  2. Stop your child from having excessive chocolates and tea. These things contain caffeine and become a cause of nightmares in children.
  3. If your child suffers from a bad dream then encourage him to tell you about the thing which scared him the most. Discussing and talking with children about their bad dream will decrease your child’s fear. Make it clear to your kids that the dreadful things which scared them in dreams can not cause any harm.
  4. You should also keep an eye on the medication of your child. Some medications become a cause of horrible dreams. To solve this problem you can consult with your doctor and ask him to change the medicines.
  5. Sometimes nightmares indicate that your kid is feeling stressful. So talk to him and ask him if he is suffering from a problem in school or his family. Make him feel easy and encourage him to convey his feelings.
  6. Give a stuffed toy to your child because sleeping with a stuffed animal or toy, your child will feel safe and frequency of getting nightmares will be diminish.
  7. If your child is constantly suffering from nightmares, then don’t let him sleep alone. When children sleep alone there are more chances of getting nightmares. Sleep with your child and make him feel protected.
  8. Keep your kid away from junk foods.

These were some useful tips and by following them you will be able to stop nightmares in your children.

Removing Scratches from Plastic Windows

When it comes to keep the house clean, housewives become very careful that their home should look as clean and beautiful as possible. They try to remove every stain or scratch that makes the furniture, windows and carpets looking bad. Similarly, scratches on the plastic windows look very bad and become a cause of embarrassment in front of your guests. People mostly think that it is almost impossible to remove scratches from the plastic windows but here some simple tips are given to get rid of this problem.

Helpful Tips

  • To remove the scratches, you will not have to buy something expensive. These things are always in your home but you are unaware of their beneficial uses. Toothpaste is such a thing which we think is only used for cleaning our teeth but how many of you know that it can be used to remove scratches from the plastic windows. While using toothpaste to remove the scratches, make sure that the toothpaste should not be gel-based as it will have no effect on the scratches. First of all clean the area from where you want to remove scratches and dry it using a lint-free cloth. The next step is to apply a considerable amount of toothpaste on the affected area. After this, remove the extra paste and dry the plastic windows with the same type of cloth mentioned above. Now you will surely be surprised to see that all the scratches are gone.
  • As an alternative of toothpaste, furniture polish can be used. The method is almost identical. Firstly, you will have to clean and dry the area with a lint-free cloth and then spray the polish on the scratches generously. Similarly, remove the excess spray and dry it with the same cloth. You can also use an old newspaper instead of cloth as newspaper works better than cloth to keep the windows clean. But in case you have to remove the scratches this method of using newspaper would not be effective because coarse fiber of newspaper may increase scratches instead of removing them.
  • If you find the above to methods failed in removing the scratches then try this one. It would definitely help you. The method is quite simple and the things used to remove scratches by this method must surely be at your home. These things are vinegar and dry mustard. To start with, make a paste of dry mustard and vinegar taking equal parts of both.  First take dry mustard and then slowly pour vinegar so that a paste is formed. Now clean the plastic and apply the paste on the scratches. Remove extra paste and then dry the affected area with lint-free cloth. Now scratches on your plastic windows would be vanished.

By following these simple tips, you will find it very easy to keep your plastic windows clean and shining all the time.

Tips and Tricks for Kitchen Organization

Today we have a number of machines to do all household chores but in spite of this, we have to manage a certain number of tasks ourselves. Busy schedule of housewives does not let them check the chaos in kitchen on regular basis. There are however some tips and tricks which can be followed to keep kitchen organized and tidy:

  • Always start organizing your kitchen with cleaning drawers. After cleaning drawers, go through the whole kitchen try to dispose off useless things. You may have old mittens, discolored cups and mismatched dishes and plates in your kitchen. These items are no longer useful for you so throw out these items to get rid of clutter and mess. Instead of throwing these items, you can also donate them as well.
  • Buy some clear plastic bags and containers to keep cereals and pastas instead of preserving them in glass containers. Containers occupy more space than plastic bags and hence cut down on shelf space. Moreover plastic containers are easy to manage and keep. Plastic containers are also useful for keeping tea, sugar, coffee, dry milk and flour. These plastic containers also eliminate need of canisters.
  • Your kitchen must also have a number of cleaning agents for dishwashing, bathrooms and floor cleaning. If these cleaning agents are more than one year old, throw them as they will create clutter and nothing else. But take care while disposing off these cleaning agents because if spilled on floor they can result in an accident. You will find instructions to throw them on back of their bottles or containers. Most of the times, cleaning products are kept under sink. When you will throw unnecessary bottles, you will find enough space to store other kitchen items like pots, pans, extinguishers and candles.
  • You must also have a number of half-filled spice jars in your kitchen. For organizing kitchen in a good manner, you will need to replace them with a spice rack. If you do not want to spend on expensive spice racks, you can use old baby food jars for this purpose. For using baby food jars, peel off labels and replace them with a tape. Use a black marker to write names of spices on tapes. By labeling these jars, it will become easy for you to locate these spices. These jars are transparent so it is easy to see how much spice is left in jar. Moreover these jars stack well and create more cabinet space.

These were some of the most effective tips and tricks to keep your kitchen organized. Follow these tips and you will see a vital change in your kitchen.

Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor is embarrassing as well as irritating because it makes you feel awkward. Sprays and deodorants are commonly used to eliminate body odors but sometimes these things are not enough to get rid of this problem permanently. In that case, one needs to do something extra-ordinary. People suffering from this problem mostly do a lot of search to get some tips and home remedies for this problem. I have a combination of both of these. Yes….if you are also suffering from bad body odor, then must read this post as I have gathered a number of tips and ways to eliminate body odor:

  • Mostly it is said that 8 to 10 glass of water are enough in a day but if you are suffering from the problem of body odor and you want to get rid of this, you should consume a lot more water than this quantity. So drink a lot of water as it helps a lot in eliminating toxins which may become a cause of bad and unwanted body odor.
  • You will also have to change your diet pan. Are you thinking why it is necessary to change your diet? Let me tell you that some of food items like onion, garlic and fish contribute a lot to body odor. It sounds strange but it is true. Avoid taking foods having dehydrogenated oils and preservatives. If you are suffering from a strong body odor then stop eating red meat and white flour. Instead of these things, try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as these are helpful in reducing body odor.
  • Have you heard of changing your clothing pattern to get rid of body odor????? Yes….tight and synthetic fabrics can cause extra sweating and consequently lead to body odor. Try to wear breathable and natural fabrics such as that of cotton and linen. This is necessary because synthetic fabrics retain body odor as compared to natural fabrics.
  • You should also try some natural remedies. To eliminate odor coming from under arms, use baking soda, vinegar or tea tree oil and apply them directly to under arms. Also take wheatgrass because it eliminates bacteria that cause body odor.
  • Last but not the least; take bath daily with a good anti-bacterial soap as taking shower is among one of the most effective methods of killing body odor. You can also take shower twice a day if you have strong body odor. Don’t take bath with hot water as hot water causes sweating.

That was all about my tips and remedies regarding body odor elimination. I hope you will find these very useful for you.

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