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Tips to Avoid Sunburn

Sunlight is beneficial for health but excessive exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn. Sunburn not only harms you in summertime but it can also affect you at any time of year. Sunburn becomes a cause of many problems like pain, redness and irritation. Frequent sunburn can lead to serious problems like aging of skin and skin cancer. But it can be prevented by taking some simple precautionary measures. Some simple steps are listed below. Following these easy tips will prevent you and your family from severe sunburn.

Use of Sunscreens

Before going into the direct sunlight, always protect your skin by applying some sunscreen lotion. It is recommended that a sun block with a PF of 15 or greater must be used. Always remember to apply sunscreen lotion half an hour before going into direct sunlight.

Sitting in Shady Areas

If you want to sit outside to enjoy warmth of sun, try to choose some shady area where direct sunlight can’t harm your skin.

Use of Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from sunlight, you can use a good pair of sunglasses. It will help you to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of sun.

Proper Dressing

If you are required to stay in sun for a reasonable length of time, make sure that you are dressed properly. Apart from the sunscreens, your clothes can be proved to be very successful in blocking sunlight. To keep your facial skin protected from sunlight, use hats as they are better than wearing sunglasses.


If you are feeling a little bit cold, you can wear warm clothes instead of sitting in sunlight. You will have to practice self-control if you want to avoid sunburn as it is always said that prevention is better than cure.

I hope that the above mentioned tips would be helpful to prevent sunburn but in spite of following these tips, if you still suffer form sunburn then moisturize your skin as much as possible. It will help to prevent harms like untimely wrinkling.

Improve Your Child’s Appetite

Good eating habits and appetite are necessary for a kid’s healthy growth. Sometimes a stage comes in the life of young children when it becomes difficult to feed them. When going through this stage, children’s appetite may be affected due to some reasons and he looses weight visibly. At this time, parents become worried that how to improve their kids’ appetite so that they can become healthy. But they find it difficult that how to do so. Here are some important tips that would really help you to improve your child’s appetite.

Useful Tips

  • The first and foremost tip to improve appetite in children is that cut down on the usage of snacks because they reduce appetite and are not good for your child’s health. If your child still demands for snacks then don’t give them before meals. Eating snacks just before meals will visibly reduce the appetite.
  • Make a routine of feeding your child and never spoil that timetable. Kids generally adapt to a particular eating schedule so you will not find it difficult to make your child’s routine. You should always give your child meals and snacks on the same time daily and it will really work.
  • Eat together with your child to make him feel that eating is an enjoyable and pleasant activity. Try to make table conversation pleasant and full of fun.
  • During the meals, don’t let your child watching TV, listening radio or playing with toys as it will divert your child’s attention from eating his meal.
  • Try to make meal time full of fun and enjoyment. To do this, you can have several ideas like cut the sandwiches in different interesting shapes or make a face like picture of what your child is eating. To make the meal interesting, give your child his separate bowl and spoon.
  • Sometimes it happens that kids are really not hungry but their mothers keep on pushing plates towards them. It frustrates your child so avoid doing this.
  • Sometimes worried mothers start scolding their kid for not eating the meal. Don’t do this ever.
  • Don’t try to teach table manners while your kid is having his meal as these manners and habits will develop automatically with the passage of time.
  • Leave the use of carbonated drinks during mealtime as they not only spoil the appetite but they are also harmful for health.
  • Don’t forget to take your child to the doctor for regular check-ups and if the doctor prescribes some vitamins, give them regularly to your child for his healthy growth.

Following the above tips will definitely improve your child’s appetite and as a result your worries will also be reduced and you will see your child growing fast and getting healthy.

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