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Best Foods for Sound Sleep

Lack of restful sleep has a very bad effect on one’s health making one tired and drowsy. There are many people around us which suffer fro lack of sleep. Are you also among one of them? If yes then you must carefully consider the foods to you eat daily. Yes the food which we eat in our daily life has a strong impact on our sleep. It has been proved by experts that there are some perfect foods which help giving you a sound sleep. Some of these food items are listed below:

  • Eating bananas can help you in having a sound and restful sleep at night. Banana contains potassium and magnesium which help relieving your stressed muscles. If you don’t like to eat bananas then you can mix a banana in a cup of milk and blend it to make a smoothie. This tasty smoothie will be easy to drink and will help you a lot in having a sleepy night.
  • Use dairy products like milk and yogurt to enhance your sleep. Dairy products contain calcium which not only lowers your stress level but also stabilizes your nerve fibres which is necessary to have a sound sleep at night.
  • It has also been proved by research that miso soup should be used by persons who are suffering from lack of sleep. This soup contains amino acids which produce natural hormone named melatonin which is quite useful to get a quality sleep.
  • Foods that are rich in protein are also proved to be the best for the treatment of lack of sleep. So instead of having sugar, try to eat a cake having eggs and cheese as these are rich in protein and are used as a cure of lack of sleep.
  • Most of the people believe that taking tea at night becomes a cause of lack of quality sleep but at the same time, it has been proved through research that chamomile tea is the best for having a good and sound sleep at night. Moreover, green tea can also be taken as it contains theanine which is also boosts your sleep.
  • To get a good night sleep, you are recommended eating a bowl of hot oatmeal as it is a great source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. These elements fulfill nutritional desires and help you getting sound sleep. But do not top oatmeal with sugar as it can result in lack of sleep. Instead of sugar, use fruits as topping.
  • Almonds are also rich in magnesium which not only gives restful sleep but also keep the muscles relaxed. Almonds also contain protein which keeps the level of blood sugar steady while you are sleeping.
  • Cheery juice is great for the people suffering from insomnia.
  • For getting sound sleep, you can also use Edamame. The easiest recipe is to make a paste of two cups of shelled and cooked edamame, one tablespoon of salt, little olive oil and a clove of garlic.

That was a list of some foods which you should include in your diet to overcome problem of lack of sleep. The above mentioned food items should therefore be a part of your grocery list.


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