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Tips on Making Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers arrangements look very beautiful and can be used as a decorative item. But making these arrangements is somewhat difficult and complex and needs a lot of care. Many people are fond of making dried flowers arrangements and want to make it a hobby but they don’t know the exact information and important tips to make these arrangements. Here in this article, I am going to provide you with some important instructions related to making dried flowers arrangements.

  • Dried flowers can become very difficult to arrange as they are brittle and fragile and start looking dead instead of looking bright and vibrant so you should be very careful in choosing the flowers to create a good-looking flower arrangement.
  • You should concentrate on choosing only two or three colors to make the arrangement look beautiful and at the same time purposeful. A lot of colors will create a mess and the arrangement will not look as good as you will expect it to be.
  • You should not select green foliage for your filler. Instead of it, you will require baby’s breath or moss. For making dried flower arrangements, the two of these prove very good fillers. Most importantly, they don’t turn brown like that of foliage.
  • Always make your arrangement wide and short instead of tall and thin. The reason is that the foliage doesn’t dry completely and tall flowers begin to give a sickly look. Instead of using stem and leaves in floral arrangements, consider using dried blooms for this purpose.
  • While making the arrangement, you should begin with placing floral foam in the bottom of the vase. This method is just like that of making the arrangements of fresh flowers but here you will not make the foam wet. Now start arranging flowers. For making the arrangement, choose the dried flowers having big blooms. Now place the largest blooms in the center of the arrangement. You can either place them close together or leave a gap between them for fillers. It will depend on the effect you want to give to your arrangement.
  • After making the arrangement, you will finish it by filling the spaces with baby’s breath. To hide the floral foam, attach moss to the parts that are shown by using a hot glue gun. To decorate the vase, you can tie a ribbon around it. You can also attach a ribbon to the borders of the container or vase. Rose buds can also be attached to the vase using hot glue. It will give a unique look to your arrangement.

These were some tips regarding the making of dried flowers arrangements. Hope you will get benefit from these tips.

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