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Decorating a Fish Tank

Are you looking for some fish tank décor ideas? If yes then you have reached the right post. I have a number of useful ideas to decorate a fish tank. Decorating a fish tank is a fun filled activity as well as a necessity because a fish tank is not only a home for fish but also a decorative element of your room. I have also a fish tank in my room and I have decorated it beautifully using unique and different items. I just want to share these ideas with you people so that you can also have a beautiful fish tank in your interiors.

Ideas for Fish Tank Decoration

Here are some simple but practical ideas for decorating a fish tank:

  • You can use pirate chests and ships to decorate your fish tank. It is a wonderful and unique fish tank décor idea for a boy’s room. To build up your design, all you need to do is to place purple or deep blue gravel in fish tank and then add pirate ship wreckage. If your tank is small then you can enhance fish tank décor by adding plants around ship wreckage. But if you have a large tank in your room then you can use a number of other pirate-themed items. For example, you can place a pirate chest in front of your tank or place a skull adornment. After doing this, you can add plants around each item to enhance their presence.

  • If you have a fish tank in your kid’s room then decorations like that of Little Mermaid or SpongeBob are the best options. You can place a little mermaid sitting in the center of tank having plants around her or create a scene using all the characters of any other cartoon film which is most liked by your kid. You will also require taking care while selecting a color for gravel. For a Little Mermaid-themed tank, you will need blue gravel while for SpongeBob, you will need yellow gravel. The cartoon themes are not limited to these two characters as there are a number of other characters. One thing that I must add here is that you are require using only those decorative items that are approved for placing in fish tanks and don’t use dolls and other items as they can discharge chemicals in your fish tank.

  • To create a natural looking fish tank, you can use stones and wood items but it will require some extra efforts and judgment. Found rocks and wood should not be used as they can contain germs and parasites which may kill your fish. Instead of it, purchase wood pieces and tank stones. You can also place tank stones over regular gravel to add depth and give a more natural look. To give a finishing touch to your nature-themed fish tank, you can add live plants at the back of tank. Placing plants at the back of fish tank will also provide a place for fish to rest and hide. If you don’t want to purchase live plants for your fish tank then you can also buy plastic plants to decorate your tank.

  • Another great idea to decorate a fish tank is to use architectural tank decorations. These decorations will be expensive but they will make your tank look elegant and well-designed. Architectural tank decorations include structures of famous landmarks like Great Wall of China and Egyptian Ruins etc. Architectural pieces add depth and beauty to fish tank so start this process by placing sand colored gravel and then place the largest decoration item towards the back of tank. Place the pieces having different sizes in front of biggest piece to give an effect of layers. Plants are a necessary item for fish tank decoration so you are suggested to place some live or artificial plants in fish tank.

Aren’t these ideas great? Of course!!! You can use any of the above ideas to decorate your fish tank in a matchless and elegant way.

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