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Decorating a Bridal Party with Butterflies

As you all know that usually flowers are used for bridal party decorations but have you ever thought of decorating a bridal party with artificial butterflies. Yes, it sounds great as butterfly decorations are inexpensive, beautiful and most importantly easy to make. Do you also want to decorate your bridal party with artificial butterflies? Of course you will want this so follow the ideas given below:

  • First great idea is to hang butterflies from the ceiling if you have organized party indoors but in case of an outdoor party, you can hang butterflies with trees or with the edges of tent roofs. While doing this use clear tape so that butterflies seem to be floating. As another option, you can use packing tape as it the strongest.
  • Now balance on butterflies on the edges of table, on flowers or on the back of chairs. You can also perch them somewhere else as it is entirely up to your choice.
  • Another great idea is to attach butterflies to the ends of barbeque sticks or toothpicks. You can use hot glue for this purpose. After you have done it, insert these artificial butterflies into cake, potted plants and even in the ground. They will definitely create marvelous decorations.
  • Present a butterfly to each guest so that he/she can write blessings for bride on butterfly wings. During the party, ask guests to present butterflies to bride which can be laid in basket or clipped to a string so that they make beautiful garlands.
  • You can also attract real butterflies to your party venue provided that it is an open space. For attracting real butterflies, you can hang butterfly feeder plate nearby. And if you have organized the party indoors, hang feeding plates outside a window.

Aren’t these great ideas????? You can either follow these ideas or you can use your own creativity to decorate a bridal party with artificial butterflies.

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