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Encourage your Kids to Keep the House Clean

Kids are needed to be trained for proper cleanliness from their childhood. Especially a kid who is least bothered about cleanliness, needs proper coaching on keeping the house clean. For this, the first thing you need to do is to represent yourself as a role model and then encourage your kids to participate with you in keeping the house clean. Here I am providing you with some guidelines that will help you encourage your kids to clean their rooms and house. By following these guidelines, you can make this a fun activity for your kids:

  • One thing you must remember is that your kids are after all younger ones and if you will pressurize them to engage in cleaning process, they will get annoyed. Therefore, always ask them to help you for just 10 to 15 minutes.
  • If you have more than one kid, you can set some competition among them. For example, you can ask them to collect their scattered toys as soon as they can. This will definitely encourage a sense of cleanliness in your kids.
  • Hide their favorite things like candies and chocolates and ask kids if they clean their room, they will find those things. In this way, your kids will try to finish the given task in minimum time.
  • Don’t give same job to your kids daily as it will make them bored. For example, if today, you have asked them to help you in laundry, you should ask them to do dusting the next day.
  • You can also make cleaning process a fun by playing your kid’s favorite music. He/she will not only do his/her job but will also enjoy.
  • Give your kids rewards and incentives for keeping their room and house clean. This reward may be a verbal praise or a written note of appreciation. You may also take them out to their favorite amusement park or fun area as a reward of their act.

I hope that you will find these tips really useful to boost up a sense of responsibility and hygiene in your kids. At the same time, you will also feel satisfied with behavior of your kids.

Tips to Break Bad TV Habits in Kids

Have your kids developed bad TV habits? Don’t worry because it’s never too late. All you need to do in this case is to control the situation to break this bad habit. To help you further, I will give you some tips and suggestions which will prove quite beneficial for you to overcome the situation:

  • First thing which you can do is to make TV a hard to use thing. For this, you can take TV out of your kids’ room or place it in store room to get rid of it. Emphasize on watching family TV together and place that TV in an armoire having doors with it so that you can lock the doors after watching TV. If you don’t have an armoire in your home, take remote control and simply hide it from your kids.
  • Do not let your kids watch TV alone because your kids are not able to make a wise viewing decision alone. Watch TV with your kids to make sure that they are watching only those programs which are appropriate for their ages.
  • Limit the time of watching TV to maximum of two or three hours a day. This does not mean at all that you are ought to allow those two hours daily. You can create some activities for your kids so that they agree on watching TV even less than those two hours. It is even better to limit watching TV to weekends because it is easier to handle weekend TV viewing.
  • Kids always imitate what their parents do so try to be a good example for your kids and watch less TV. For this, you will need to show them that you don’t need a TV to have fun and enjoy. Make them understand that there are a lot more activities which they can do to relax.
  • If your kids want to watch shows which are inappropriate for their maturity levels then have a conversation with them. Encourage your kids to explain to you why they want to watch that particular show. Then make them understand by explaining why a specific show is not good for their mental level.
  • You can also set some rules for watching TV. For example, if your kid has watched a particular episode of a show more than once, it means it is no longer eligible for viewing as watching more than once is enough.
  • Make a TV schedule to plan viewing time. Help your kids highlighting those shows which they don’t want to miss. Encourage them to use any other color to indicate those shows which they can easily edit from their viewing plan. I think this is the most appropriate technique to help kids breaking bad TV habit.

Tips for Caring Obesity in Kids

Obesity in kids is one of the major problems which parents are facing these days. Obesity in kids is a danger for their health as it can cause asthma, heart diseases and diabetes. Moreover fat and obese kids suffer from some sort of complex when people mock at them. It may also cause depression among kids which is not good for their health. Are you also the parents of such a kid? Don’t worry as with encouragement and support and by following some easy tips, you can help your kid in maintaining a good weight. Here are a few tips that prove very helpful in caring for obesity in kids:

  • Unhealthy eating habits are a major cause of obesity in kids so being parents of an obese kid, you are require encouraging your kid to take a balanced diet containing all the necessary and essential components. Don’t let your kid miss his/her breakfast as it may also result in weight gain and obesity. Also such kids should control the number of meals they have in a day.
  • Food is mostly supplies to the kids from kitchen so your kitchen should contain healthy foods only. There should not be junk and unhealthy food and snacks. Obese kids should also be restricted for taking juices in larger amount. Instead of juices, encourage your kids to eat fresh fruits when they have a desire to take something sweet.
  • You will also require watching meal size your child is taking. You can read food labels to count the number of calories in each food your kid is eating. Another tip which you can follow is to serve food to obese kids outside kitchen to avoid temptation for more food.
  • Exercise is very important to stay fit and healthy. It is especially recommended for people suffering from obesity so if your kid is also among one of those people, encourage your kid for regular exercise. Exercise will do a lot for controlling obesity as it keeps the body parts moving.
  • You should also involve your kids in activities that involve moving body parts. You can assign them a specific task from daily routine to keep them moving. It will not only keep your kid healthy but at the same time it will help reduce obesity.
  • This is an era of computer games so kids spend most of their leisure time in playing video games or watching TV. Obese and over weight kids should not do that. Encourage them to play some sort of outdoor games like football, volleyball, tennis etc. Kids will run while playing these games and as a result they will manage top burn a lot of calories.

Follow these tips as childhood obesity is easy to be controlled rather than adult obesity. To gain more help and information, visit your nearest doctor to take advice in this regard.

Bad Habits That can Damage your Skin

People use a lot of things to beautify their skin but forget to have a look on their personal habits. Yes there are some bad skin habits which cause damage to the skin but most of the people overlook these habits. Today I have decided to make you aware of such bad skin habits which you should avoid to have a healthy and gleaming skin:

  • Sun rays are harmful for skin as they can cause blemishes so putting a sun screen is essential to keep the skin protected from harmful rays of sun. We all know this fact but a few of us apply sun screen to keep our skin fresh. If you want a beautiful and glowing skin, don’t forget to apply a good quality sun screen before going into sun.
  • Lack of restful sleep is another bad skin habit as it causes to produce stress hormones. These hormones create dark circles under eyes and make your skin looking dull. Sleep does not only provides beautiful skin but it also help prevent wrinkles.
  • Are you a smoker? If yes then you can never get a fresh skin. Actually smoking decreases flow of oxygen in the skin and speeds up aging process due to which your complexion looks dull and dark. Smoking also causes lines around your mouth making you look ten years older than your actual age.
  • Drinking too much alcohol is also harmful for health and skin as well. Although red wine provides antioxidants which are good for skin, excess of this wine can harm your skin. Alcohol is a cause of dehydration which consequently leads to wrinkles and dryness of skin.
  • Another bad skin habit is to sleep with make up. Sleeping without removing make up is very bad for your skin because it gives rise to clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Too much exfoliation is not good for your skin. Your skin needs exfoliation only once a week. Exfoliation also wipes those oils from skin which are necessary to make the skin glowing.
  • If you are gaining or losing weight too fast then it will also damage your skin because in this case, fibers of your skin get weaker giving rise to premature aging, stretch marks and lines on skin.
  • Don’t compress your pimples because pimples are caused by bacteria and virus and after compressing a pimple, if your hand touches somewhere else on the skin, it will create new and more pimples. It may also cause scars and large pores which make your skin look bad.
  • Using too much salt in food is also a cause of bad skin as salt dehydrates the skin. Similarly, using too much sugar is also harmful because it results in wrinkles on your skin. So try to increase the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. A well-balanced diet will make your skin beautiful and glowing.
  • Some facial movements and expressions like frowning and laughing, that are repeated again and again, can cause contraction of skin muscles and produce wrinkles. Try to minimize excessive facial expressions.

Remember that skin is the most exposed and best part of our body and we must take care of it. Taking care of skin is not difficult at all. If you will simply avoid above mentioned bad skin habits, you will have bright and glowing skin.

Tips to Control Habit of Overeating

Do you feel yourself unable to control the habit of overeating? If you have made a resolution that you will break your habit of overeating then you will need to be very careful about your overall eating habits. People, who have developed a habit of overeating, find it difficult to keep a check on their appetite but I have a set of some simple tips and instructions that are really helpful in this regard:

  • Firstly, I will share a tip with you which I followed and found very helpful. I was badly indulged in habit of overeating when my friend told me to stop drinking sodas and carbonated drinks. Let me tell you that carbonated drinks are your biggest enemies. Many people have a misconception that diet drinks have zero calories but they don’t know that sweetening agents used in these sodas stimulate your appetite. So stop drinking such sodas and use fresh fruit juice.
  • Drink a glass of water every morning before eating breakfast. This habit will not only reduce your appetite but also keep your body hydrated. Being hungry may be helpful in reducing weight but being thirsty is harmful for health.
  • Try to eat food a bit slowly because eating speedily is not good for health. Eat slowly and let your mind accept that your body has consumed enough food needed by your body. Our brain needs sufficient time to accept it so take your time to finish your meal. Doing this will send a message to your brain that you have taken the required food.
  • Emotional disturbance can also leads to the habit of overeating. In that case, try to avoid overeating and discuss your problem with someone close to you. After doing this, you will feel relaxed and calm and it will also save you from overeating.
  • Make a food journal and write everything you eat and drink in a day. It is a good tip to leave habit of overeating. After a week, review your journal and you will be able to find out that in what conditions you eat more than required by your body. Also try to find out which things make you hungry. Avoid such things and use alternate of such foods.
  • Make a habit of doing some sort of activity or exercise as it will also help you overcome this habit. I will recommend you to do yoga, dance or aerobics or any other activity that requires self-control. Stick to any of the activities for almost 6 months and you will see a huge difference because these activities will give you a confidence to control your habit.

These were some of the most important tips which I also tried to get rid of this habit of overeating. You can also follow them without any hesitation because they are all proven. So go ahead and make you look smart and healthy.

Follow These to Break Habit of Eating Junk Food

Most of us especially teens are fond of eating junk food like fries, pizza and burgers. These edibles are good in small quantity but if you have developed a habit of eating junk food then it may be dangerous for your health. If you are one of those who want to break junk food habit then you are lucky to read this post as I am going to share some important tips with you which will help you a lot in breaking this habit:

  • Make a habit of having a healthy breakfast and the best option is to try oatmeal as it proves to be the best to start your day in a healthy way. You can make it delicious by adding some of your favorite fruit to it. It will not only healthy for you but it will also fill you up.
  • While leaving home in the morning, take freshly made coffee with you as it will prevent you from stopping at a coffee shop on your way to work. Actually coffee shops do not only provide coffee but also tempt you to eat baked food available at these shops and prevent you from breaking your junk food habit.
  • When it comes to taking mid-morning snack, make sure that you are eating something healthy and nutritious rather than a junk or unhealthy and fattening food.
  • Another tip which is very useful in breaking junk food habit is to drink a lot of water. Drinking lots of water will not only keep your body hydrated but also help you feel fuller and consequently it will reduce your hunger and temptation to eat some snacks or other junk food.
  • Have a healthy lunch daily. If you will not bring lunch with you, you will be urged to visit eatery in your office and you will eat something unhealthy available here. So don’t forget to bring your lunch with you as it will also save your money being spent on buying junk food items.
  • Nothing is good and healthy than fresh fruits and vegetables so have fruits and vegetables with you all day long. When you feel hungry, eat fruits and vegetables instead of snacks and fries. It will help you a lot in leaving habit of eating junk food.

If you will follow these tips, you will definitely feel a change in you and your habits and you will surely develop a habit of eating healthy food items instead of junk food.

Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habits

You must develop healthy eating habits if you want to remain healthy and lead a happier and healthier life. Are you engaged in bad eating habits??? If yes then you must do something to change unhealthy eating habits. Here I have come up with some very useful tips that will help you to develop healthy eating habits:

  • The biggest mistake made by most of the people is not to take their breakfast as they don’t know that breakfast in the most important meal in a day and it should never be avoided. So always have breakfast and remember that breakfast is a source that provides fuel to your body to work all day long. Moreover it also keeps energy levels high and hence keeps your mind alert and healthy.
  • Make a habit to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is one of the habits which I also practice regularly and I have found that this habit keeps body hydrated as well as it helps in processing nutrients.
  • Also make a habit to take lunch as some people forget to take lunch in their busy routines. But they don’t know that this habit leads to overeating in evening time which is not healthy at all. Skipping lunch is very harmful as it will lower energy levels and blood sugar starts decreasing. Have a light lunch and enjoy it.
  • While eating snacks, choose them with great care as you should take light snacks. But at the same time, these light snacks should boost your energy throughout the day. If you are on diet then the best option for you is to take fruits and vegetables instead of snacks.
  • Take your dinner earlier. It is a famous saying “eat before eight”. This saying is absolutely right and quite beneficial for health. So eat at least three or four hours before going to sleep as it will keep your digestive system maintained.

Follow these quite beneficial and important tips if you really want to develop healthy eating habits in you. I have also tried all these tips so you can follow them with full faith and trust. 

Tips to Stop Nail Biting in Children

Nail biting is as such not a very bad habit but it looks annoying and irritating and many parents have such kids who develop this habit. Are you also worried for your child’s nail biting habit? Don’t worry as there are several ways to top this habit. Some of these are given below:

  • The first and very easy way to stop this habit is to teach kids to knit. When they will make attractive and creative things with yarn, their hands will be occupied and they will totally forget about biting their fingernails.
  • Another way to keep kids’ hands occupied is to give them something to play with.  Play-Doh plays an important role in this regard. It will not only keep hands of your kid occupied but at the same time it will enhance his creative skills.
  • If you have a daughter who has adopted this habit then take her for professional manicure because it becomes easier to stop nail biting when your daughter will see her nails beautiful and filed properly.
  • Use bitter nail polish that is sold at most of drug stores. When your kid will put his fingers in mouth, he will experience an unpleasant taste which will remind him not to do this again.
  • Always carry a nail filer with you because children are more likely to bite their nails when they found their nail edges jagged. Carrying a nail filer will help you to take care of these jagged edges and you will be able to remove them immediately.
  • Children find it very difficult to leave this habit so don’t punish them for biting their nails. Instead of it, be patient and compassionate and always encourage kids to leave this bad habit.
  • If you see that your kid has started leaving this habit or at least tried to do so, reward them. Rewarding kids will motivate them and they will stop biting their nails soon after this.
  • If you feel that nail biting is a result of your kid’s anxiety and worry, then I would recommend you to consult a doctor for better help and consultation. Also talk to your child if he is worried about something and try to reduce his tension.

Follow these simple steps as they have been proved very effective to stop nail biting in children.

Develop Good Sleeping Habits in your Child

Are you worried about disturbed sleeping routine of your child? If yes then you must do something for changing your child’s sleeping habits. Actually good sleeping habits can be developed when a child is only an infant but if you could not do that then don’t worry as you can still develop good sleeping habits in your child. Here I am going to give you some tips which will help you a lot.

Develop a Sleeping Routine

Try to develop a good sleeping routine as in bed time should be the same every night. Sometimes kids may argue with you not to sleep early on weekends. Make your child understand importance of good sleeping habits for their better health. For this, you can make a schedule of your kids like first brushing teeth at night, then listening bed time story and finally go to sleep. Make sure that this routine is followed every day.

Try to Be Strict

You may also have to be somewhat strict about bed time rules. Let your kid understand with your behavior that they have to set a fixed bed time and then follow it without any flexibility. Don’t change your rules even if you are tired or busy. Such behavior will help understand your child the significance of following your rules and bed time routine.

No TV While Falling Asleep

Don’t allow your child ever to watch TV before sleeping. Encourage them to make a habit of sleeping at their own. Watching TV while trying to sleep can stimulate brain of your child and it may have an opposite reaction. Their favorite program on TV may force them to stay awakened till late night and may consequently spoil their sleeping routine.

Encourage Kid to Sleep in Own Room

Your kid may ask you to sleep with you in your room because children feel secure while sleeping with their parents but this habit can spoil your own sleeping routine so encourage your child to sleep in his own room. For satisfaction of your kid, you can provide stuffed toys and animals as kids feel secured having such things in their bed rooms.

Don’t Stay in Kids’ Room at Bed Time

At bed time, escort your kid to his/her bedroom and then say good night and leave. If you will stay in room for longer period of time, your kid may argue with you on changing bed time routine or may force to sleep with you so say a warm good night and leave them alone to sleep.

Follow these simple but useful tips to develop good sleeping habits in your kids. At first, it may seem difficult but its long run benefits are far greater than you can ever expect.

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