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Decorating Little Girl’s Room

Girls have different natures and different views about certain things. So is the case with the decoration of their room. Girls want something different and unique in their rooms. So they have their different demands and choices. Parents feel it very complex to decorate their daughter’s room according to her all demands. So they look for some interior designer for this purpose. But in my opinion, decorating a girl’s room doesn’t require a professional designer. You can do it at your own by following these simple instructions and ideas:

Choosing Walls Color

First step is to decide about the color of the wall. For this, you may take your daughter’s opinion about her choice of colors. Girls usually like pink color in their rooms. You can also create a color scheme in the room making it look beautiful and bright. Instead of using same color on all the walls, you can paint each wall with a different color. It will look unique and your girl will love that. If you still feel some problem in the choice of colors then you can take opinion from paint selling store keepers. They will guide you better on how to choose an appropriate color.

Selecting a Theme

Now you should select a theme to decorate the room accordingly. Again the selection of theme would depend on your little girl’s choice. There are different themes to select. If your girl like Barbie dolls then theme should be according to this character. If your daughter loves a Disney character then decoration would be according to that.  While selecting a theme give your daughter a chance to select it according to her choice. In this way, she will feel happy and will express her feelings.  Your daughter should feel that her opinion is of great importance.

Adding Stuffed Animals

Your little girl will love to have stuffed animals and toys in her room as kids are fond of these. The choice of the stuffed toys should go well with the theme you have selected for the room.

Choosing Bed Covers and Pillows

The bed covers are an important factor to be considered while decorating a little girl’s room. Bed covers and pillows should be selected according to the colors of walls and theme of room. You can buy the bed sheets having cartoon characters or Barbie on it if you have selected these themes respectively. Also ensure that bed covers should be properly spread and are remained neat and clean.  It will give a nice look to the room.

Other Accessories

Other accessories may include curtains, lamp shades and furniture. The color and design of the curtains should be selected by keeping in mind your little girl’s choice, color of walls and selected theme. Their colors may be either pink or yellow. The selection of lamp shades should suit the nature of the room. As it is a little girl’s room, the lamp shades should not give a heavy look to the room. They should be simple and elegant having soft colors.

These were some ideas and tips regarding the decoration of a little girl’s room. Follow these ideas and make your daughter happy.


Skin Care during winter

Our skin is the most important part of our body which needs care in all seasons and especially during winter because the weather becomes dry and cold. Such weather can be very harmful for your skin if you don’t take any precautionary measures. This weather can make your face, hands and lips very dry and hard. So to keep your skin during winter, some useful tips are given here:

Important Tips

  • Always take hot shower daily during winter. It is very important for the cleanliness of your skin.
  • Don’t use harsh and dry soaps as the skin is already dry and crusty.
  • After taking bath don’t forget to apply a good quality moisturizing lotion on your body. A good moisturizer locks the essential moisture in your skin and never let it dry.
  • Before going into sun, apply sun block lotion that has zinc oxide and SPF30 protection. This will keep your skin protected from harmful rays of sun keeping your skin fresh.
  • Lips become very dry and chapped during winter season and require extra care. A good lip balm can be very useful for this purpose. Remember that your lip-balm must contain moisturizing elements and vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for the nourishment of your lips. If you feel that your lips are still peeling, then use a product having AHA.
  • Another big problem faced by most of the people during winter is dry and cracked hands and fingers. It is caused by the lack of moisture. To get rid of this situation, cover your hands with a towel immediately after washing and always pat dry them instead of rubbing and use some good hand cream available in the market to keep the moisture retained in your hands. Don’t use lotions as they quickly absorb in your skin and do not fulfill the desired purpose.
  • Next tip is about taking care of your nails. Your nails are also destroyed in winter if they are exposed to water frequently. To protect your nails, use gloves while washing dishes or something else. Other tips include using nail hardener and taking calcium supplements.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least twice a weak during winter season to get rid of dead skin cells so that your skin can absorb necessary moisture.
  • Don’t forget your dry scalp at all. Use medicated and anti-dandruff shampoos.

Other Factors to be Taken Care of

Drink lot of water to avoid dehydration. It is even better if you take hot water with some drops of lemon in it. It will make your blood clean faster and keep your skin fresh. Having a sufficient sleep is also very important. Your dead skin cells will be renewed quickly when you will have a restful sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

These useful tips would be proved very helpful for you during winter and you will look as fresh as you look in summer.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

In a house, an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful feature if you want to enjoy barbeque parties with friends and family. You can also enjoy weekend parties and plan get together easily if you have an outdoor kitchen. Some people really like an outdoor kitchen as they can enjoy outside view.  Outdoor kitchen proves to be very helpful when people want to expand living space during warmer months. Outdoor kitchens can be planned very easily. All you need is the guidance and aesthetic sense. Here I am giving you some important tips about planning your outdoor kitchen.

Area Evaluation

Space is the first thing that should be considered carefully while planning an outdoor kitchen. Area evaluation is necessary because it will affect the design and style of your kitchen. Moreover the measurements and design of the furniture are also affected by the space provided for an outdoor kitchen. The furniture which you want to get should be of the size that doesn’t look awkward in kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Next step is to plan that what type of kitchen appliances you need for your outdoor kitchen. Again the selection depends on the purpose for which you are planning an outdoor kitchen as well as the type of food you want to prepare in your outdoor kitchen. Most of the people make an outdoor kitchen for barbeque purpose, so the basic appliances may include barbeque grills. Some people also want a stove and outdoor fridge for their kitchen. There may be other appliances also but the choice is all yours.

Infrastructure of Kitchen

Infrastructure should also be considered during the planning of your outdoor kitchen. Including some kind of infrastructure is optional. Some people like shades in outdoor kitchen so they can enjoy the view in a better way. Shades of garden plants can also be used to avoid direct sun rays.

Checking Electric Lines

You should check the electric lines because most of the appliances used in outdoor kitchen may require electric supply. Make sure that you have also considered this aspect carefully.

Consulting Local Building Agency

Always keep in your mind that you may require a permit before establishing your outdoor kitchen. For this purpose, you will have to talk with local building agency.

Outdoor kitchen is the best option for entertaining your guests and to organize other parties. The above mentioned steps would be really helpful to plan and design your outdoor kitchen.

Tips for Beach Wedding Decoration

Decoration for a beach wedding is same as that for other outdoor events. It can be a challenge but at the same time it is a great fun. Here I am going to give you some useful tips for beach wedding decoration which will be helpful:

  • Before buying any decorative element, you will need to consider a color theme. For beach wedding, such a color theme should be chosen which may not distract from nature. Bright colored items and decorations are not appropriate for beach weddings. Ideal colors for beach weddings are gold, soft pink, peach and light teal. Such colors create a romantic feel. Remember that every thing used for beach wedding decoration should be light and flowing.
  • Flowers are a must item for decorating a wedding venue. For decorating a beach wedding, use light flowers and do not go for roses as roses create a heavy look.
  • Use natural elements of beach for decoration. Sea shells, rocks and pieces of driftwood all prove to be the best and provide rustic accents. Glass bowls can be filled with sea shells for table decoration. Candles can not be used for beach wedding decoration as ocean breezes are unpredictable and burning candles with strong winds can lead to an accident.
  • Always look for strong and sturdy decorations because beaches are windier. Your decorations should not blow away with wind. You can add rocks and heavy shells at bottom of floral arrangements to provide them with support. Rocks also create wide bases for centerpieces and prevent them from toppling on to tables.
  • Arrange sand-friendly chairs for beach wedding instead of trendy indoor chairs. Decorate chairs with flowers, ribbons or tulle.
  • Night time beach wedding also requires proper lighting in spite of the presence of full moon and stars. You can place torches along the perimeter and use floating candles centerpieces on tables in order to provide light without using electricity. Cake and buffet tables can be decorated with light strands. Use battery operated strands instead of light requiring outlets.

While decorating a beach for wedding, you should remain in touch with all governing bodies to know about all rules regarding using that beach. Your beach wedding decorations should not violate some kind of rules.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Decorating a wedding table is not only a necessity but a fun-filled activity in itself. You can choose from a number of ideas to decorate wedding table but before applying any idea consider theme and color scheme of other wedding decorations. Here are some really useful ideas and tips to decorate wedding table.

  • If your wedding is in summer or spring season, you can use potted plants and flowers for wedding table decorations. You can also place flower bouquets in vases to be used as table centerpieces. Placing bouquets as centerpieces is an older and traditional idea but you can set a new trend by using potted plants for decoration. Along with placing potted plants, you can also sprinkle flower petals and leaves on table to give a nice and refreshing floral touch.

  • Wedding tables should be properly illuminated with lights. The best light you can use is candle light. Candles are easy to use as decorative items as they are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. For wedding table decoration, use scented candles and place them in crystal or glass candle-holders. Another idea is to decorate floating candles in a glass bowl. Besides candles, you can also use twinkle lights and wrap them around wedding tables for a more beautiful and elegant touch.

  • Floating bowl centerpieces are also popular wedding table decorations. You can buy glass bowls of different sizes from crafts supply store. For decoration, fill bowl half with water and fill remaining half with other things like candles, flower petals, fresh fruit slices, sea shells and even marbles.

  • Framed photographs of bride and groom can also be placed on wedding table to give a personalized look. For wedding occasion, engagement photos work best. Place bigger picture in middle and two smaller frames to ends of table to complete decoration.

  • Placing signature vases also prove to be very creative and exciting table decorations. You can have signatures of guests on vase to make it a life time memory of wedded couple. For this purpose, buy solid white vases. Place one vase in center of each table along with a number of pens and ask guests to sign vase along with a short message. For further decoration, vases can be filled with flowers.

  • Many items can be sprinkled on tables for decorations like flower petals, dried leaves, sea shells, glitter, beads and small stones. While scattering these items on tables, make sure that you have left enough space for placing plates and drinking glasses.

These were some of decorative items which you can use to decorate wedding tables. Hopefully, you will like these ideas and follow them as well.

Decorating Ideas for a Spa Party

Spa parties are a growing trend these days as girls and women of all ages who like to be pampered love these parties. A spa party is a great way of relaxing by bringing the comforts and treatments of spa in your living room. Or you can also use spa theme to decorate your party. If you are tired enough of daily routine and want to throw a spa party, you must do that but for this, you need to be very careful about your decorations. All decorative items would be needed to go well with spa theme. Don’t worry if you don’t have many ideas. I have gathered some ideas in this post which will help you in decorating your spa party:

  • Candles are a must item for spa party decoration because they can add a soothing and relaxing ambience to your party. For decoration purpose, choose fragrant candles which have soothing scents like that of vanilla. Don’t go for intense fragrances. Place candles of different sizes all around party area and turn down other lights to give a soft and delicate effect to party. You can also place mirrors beneath candles so that light can be reflected.
  • Plants have their natural fragrance as well as they add natural effect to your party so don’t forget to decorate a spa party with natural plants. You can scatter rose petals around party room and at the same time, you can place cut flowers in beautiful vases. Always use fragrant flowers such as roses for decoration purpose. Flowers can also be used to decorate party tables as centerpieces. To give a more tropical feel to your party, I will also suggest you adding large greenery plants.
  • Baskets can also be used as a decorative item. You can use decorated baskets to hold towels. lotions, moisturizers, water bottles and snacks as well. Party favors can also be placed in these baskets.  Decorative baskets are available in all colors and sizes so you can easily select them according to theme color of spa party.
  • For making dressing areas, hang white sheets of clothes from ceiling so that your guests can change into spa dresses. White color is recommended because it gives a simple and clean look and makes your guests feel more comfortable. Also drape white cloth on furniture like tables, chairs and sofas. It will not only become a way of decoration but also save your furniture from accidental stains.
  • Another item which I strongly suggest is indoor fountain. Sound of moving water gives a feel of tranquility and serenity. You can place a small tabletop fountain as a centerpiece if you don’t want to use a larger one.

These were some of the decorative items which you can use while decorating your spa party. I hope you will like my ideas and follow these as well.

Tips to Decorate Kids’ Bathroom

Decorating children’s bathroom is a fun filled activity as well as it has become a necessity because kids like to personalize their spaces including bathroom. Are you also planning to decorate your children’s bathroom? Wait!!! Have you got enough tips and ideas for this purpose? Well, I have gathered some of tips on decorating children’s bathroom which are described below. If you are interested, just have a look on these tips:

  • Have you thought about some themes to decorate your children’s bathroom? Yes it is the most important and first step towards decorating. Selection of a theme will depend on your kid’s choice. Some kids want only some basic accessories of bathroom in their favorite colors while some others want their bathrooms decorated with a proper theme having wall color, linens and all other accessories accordingly. So after deciding on a theme, buy some accessories like shower curtain and towels in colors which are well suited to the decided theme.
  • Another way to personalize a bathroom is to paint it differently. Choose a paint that has glossy effect as well as it is easy to clean. Most of the people complain about spoiled bathroom paint. Actually they make mistake of choosing wrong paints. Always buy a paint that can resist humidity. You can also paint cartoon characters in bathroom. For example, if your kid is a lover of Disney cartoon characters, you can paint Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh on the walls of bathroom. But make sure that you are not using too bright colors in bathroom and try using colors that can work with different themes. Light green shades are mostly liked by kids of all ages while bathroom painted in stripes pattern is liked by teens.
  • Painted walls can also be further decorated with stickers. These stickers are removable and reusable as well as they can stick to the painted walls quite easily. You can also apply these stickers onto the tiles of shower stall instead of walls. These stickers are also available in different themes like animals, sports, planets and sometimes they feature characters like spider man and superman. Again you will choose these stickers according to your kid’s age. If you have toddlers, you can use stickers featuring characters like Bob The Builder. If your kid is a girl then think about buying stickers featuring Barbie doll.
  • After painting walls with your kid’s favorite colors and cartoon characters, buy new accessories. If you have decorated a bathroom for toddlers, you can buy rubber duckies and if your kids are older, you can buy accessories like cartoon characters and toys featuring their superheroes.

I hope you will like my ideas and will surely apply these to decorate your kid’s bathroom.

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