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Skin Care during winter

Our skin is the most important part of our body which needs care in all seasons and especially during winter because the weather becomes dry and cold. Such weather can be very harmful for your skin if you don’t take any precautionary measures. This weather can make your face, hands and lips very dry and hard. So to keep your skin during winter, some useful tips are given here:

Important Tips

  • Always take hot shower daily during winter. It is very important for the cleanliness of your skin.
  • Don’t use harsh and dry soaps as the skin is already dry and crusty.
  • After taking bath don’t forget to apply a good quality moisturizing lotion on your body. A good moisturizer locks the essential moisture in your skin and never let it dry.
  • Before going into sun, apply sun block lotion that has zinc oxide and SPF30 protection. This will keep your skin protected from harmful rays of sun keeping your skin fresh.
  • Lips become very dry and chapped during winter season and require extra care. A good lip balm can be very useful for this purpose. Remember that your lip-balm must contain moisturizing elements and vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for the nourishment of your lips. If you feel that your lips are still peeling, then use a product having AHA.
  • Another big problem faced by most of the people during winter is dry and cracked hands and fingers. It is caused by the lack of moisture. To get rid of this situation, cover your hands with a towel immediately after washing and always pat dry them instead of rubbing and use some good hand cream available in the market to keep the moisture retained in your hands. Don’t use lotions as they quickly absorb in your skin and do not fulfill the desired purpose.
  • Next tip is about taking care of your nails. Your nails are also destroyed in winter if they are exposed to water frequently. To protect your nails, use gloves while washing dishes or something else. Other tips include using nail hardener and taking calcium supplements.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least twice a weak during winter season to get rid of dead skin cells so that your skin can absorb necessary moisture.
  • Don’t forget your dry scalp at all. Use medicated and anti-dandruff shampoos.

Other Factors to be Taken Care of

Drink lot of water to avoid dehydration. It is even better if you take hot water with some drops of lemon in it. It will make your blood clean faster and keep your skin fresh. Having a sufficient sleep is also very important. Your dead skin cells will be renewed quickly when you will have a restful sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

These useful tips would be proved very helpful for you during winter and you will look as fresh as you look in summer.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

In a house, an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful feature if you want to enjoy barbeque parties with friends and family. You can also enjoy weekend parties and plan get together easily if you have an outdoor kitchen. Some people really like an outdoor kitchen as they can enjoy outside view.  Outdoor kitchen proves to be very helpful when people want to expand living space during warmer months. Outdoor kitchens can be planned very easily. All you need is the guidance and aesthetic sense. Here I am giving you some important tips about planning your outdoor kitchen.

Area Evaluation

Space is the first thing that should be considered carefully while planning an outdoor kitchen. Area evaluation is necessary because it will affect the design and style of your kitchen. Moreover the measurements and design of the furniture are also affected by the space provided for an outdoor kitchen. The furniture which you want to get should be of the size that doesn’t look awkward in kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Next step is to plan that what type of kitchen appliances you need for your outdoor kitchen. Again the selection depends on the purpose for which you are planning an outdoor kitchen as well as the type of food you want to prepare in your outdoor kitchen. Most of the people make an outdoor kitchen for barbeque purpose, so the basic appliances may include barbeque grills. Some people also want a stove and outdoor fridge for their kitchen. There may be other appliances also but the choice is all yours.

Infrastructure of Kitchen

Infrastructure should also be considered during the planning of your outdoor kitchen. Including some kind of infrastructure is optional. Some people like shades in outdoor kitchen so they can enjoy the view in a better way. Shades of garden plants can also be used to avoid direct sun rays.

Checking Electric Lines

You should check the electric lines because most of the appliances used in outdoor kitchen may require electric supply. Make sure that you have also considered this aspect carefully.

Consulting Local Building Agency

Always keep in your mind that you may require a permit before establishing your outdoor kitchen. For this purpose, you will have to talk with local building agency.

Outdoor kitchen is the best option for entertaining your guests and to organize other parties. The above mentioned steps would be really helpful to plan and design your outdoor kitchen.

Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Noise pollution is increasing day by day due to which our ears are at great risk. Noise pollution can disturb our health and can cause deafness and other ear problems. Researches have proved that continuous exposure to loud sounds spoils hearing ability so it is necessary to lessen the use of high volume devices. Besides doing this, there are a number of other tips which you can follow to prevent hearing loss:

  • Make a habit to use earplugs while swimming or taking bath. The water in swimming pool may be contaminated and can infect the ears. Earplugs should also be used when you are using lawn mowers, power tools and loud appliances.
  • Nature has also managed to protect ears from damaging. There are glands in ear which produce wax to prevent germs and foreign bodies from entering our ear. Wax acts as a natural protector so avoid removing it using sharp objects. Do not even try to clean your ear with cotton swab as by doing this; you can push the wax down the ear which can cause hearing loss on being accumulated.
  • Be careful about volume of sound which you are listening especially while using headphones. If you are using headphones all day long to listen music, make sure that volume is not more than 50 percent. You are required understanding that slower music can also give you same amount of entertainment as louder music. Slowing volume will not affect your entertainment and at the same time, it will have a positive effect on hearing ability.
  • Hearing loss mostly occurs due to prolonged exposure to noise. If you have to listen to loud noises for long period of time, give a break to your ears for sometime. Prolonged exposure to loud noise affects your ear in the same way as loud volume does so avoid listening louder sounds for longer period of time.
  • You should also avoid ototoxic drugs as they are dangerous for ears. Take drugs which have been prescribed under proper medical supervision. If you feel hearing loss after taking some kind of medicine, let your doctor know about it immediately.
  • Head and ear injuries during accidents are also a cause of hearing loss. You can protect yourself by wearing a helmet while driving a cycle or bike as helmets protect skull and ears in case you meet an accident.
  • If you feel some weakness in your hearing ability, immediately consult your doctor. Delay in check-up can make this problem serious and intense and can lead to complete deafness.
  • Also consult your doctor if you work at some place where you have to bear loud sounds like in factories or on airports. Ask your doctor to suggest you some precautionary measures to protect your ears.
  • Genetic hearing loss is not serious and it can be cured. So if you suffer from this kind of problem, don’t worry.

These were some tips regarding preventing hearing loss. Follow these to protect your ears and to have this beautiful gift of nature with you throughout your life.

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