East or West, Mani is the Best

Skin is a part of our body that plays an important role in making our personality look attractive and gorgeous. All of us spend a lot to make our skin look fresh, young and attractive but during summer season taking care of skin becomes quite difficult because our whole body needs special care during hot summer. Summer season has arrived so you should start taking care of your skin. If you will not save your skin from sun and heat, you will get wrinkles and blemishes and even skin cancer. So this summer make a solid plan to take care of your skin in the best possible way. I will recommend you to take as many liquids as you can as they will not only make your skin soft and shiny but also make you feel fresh even in summer. Drinking lot of liquids in summer is a secret to have beautiful skin. Here I am going to provide you with a list of some summer drinks which you should take in your daily routine.

Watermelon Juice: Watermelon juice is excellent to be taken during summer as it contains a lot of water and helps to balance the water level in your body.

Cool Smoothies: You can also make chilled smoothies but make sure that these smoothies are free of calories. Smoothies are very good for your skin as they make your skin healthy and hydrated. You can use any of your favorite fruits to make smoothies like mango, banana and strawberry.

Lemon Juice: Take lemon juice twice or thrice a day as it is a good liquid to be taken in summer. Lemon juice is very good for health because it controls body heat. It prepares your body to tolerate harsh heat of sun as well as it helps to remove toxins from body.

Sugarcane Juice: Sugarcane is a cool fruit which is loved by most of the people including me. It helps to bring temperature of body down but one thing should be kept in mind that sugarcane juice should always be taken before 6 PM.

Herbal Tea: Take herbal tea in summer to make your skin smooth, soft and shiny. Herbal tea is also very useful in balancing the water level in human body.

Gooseberry Drink: I always use a drink made of gooseberries and cherries in summer to control skin problems. So I will also recommend you to take this drink empty stomach in morning. Gooseberries are good for health because they control body heat and increase body’s resistance to fight against diseases including that of skin.

Green Tea: To maintain digestive system, drain out toxins and to hydrate the body, you should take green tea. It is necessary because all above mentioned functions play an important role to make skin beautiful and healthy.

Mint Juice: Mint is a vegetable having a wonderful cooling effect. If you want to improve your complexion then you should take mint juice in summer. You can make mint juice by following an easy process. Take one cup of mint leaves and half cup of coriander leaves. Chop them and after that mix half lemon, black salt and common salt in it. Add some water and then grind this mixture. After straining the liquid add ice and enjoy a cool and refreshing drink.

Water: How can we forget about water? Water is the most important and beneficial drink in summer because it is good for your skin. Take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Fruit Juices: All kinds of fruit juices are god for both health and skin. I will recommend you to take 3 to 4 glasses of fruit juice daily to keep your skin fresh, soft and shiny.

These summer drinks are quite beneficial and healthy so make a habit to take any of these drinks in your daily routine.


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