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Useful Tips for Healthy Hair

Every woman shows great concern for her hair to enhance the overall look of her personality because looks of a woman are her assets. Not only women but men also want beautiful and healthy hair but a few of men and women take proper care of their hair. Healthy and beautiful looking hairs need a lot of care to be taken and some tips to be followed. Here I am going to give you some tips and suggestions for taking care of your hair. Take a look at these tips:

  • First of all comes the hair styling. You must always select a hair style that goes well with your personality and shape of your face. Don’t try to make pony tails and braids all the time as it may be harmful for your hair to keep them stressed for longer periods of time. It can also cause “areata” which is a bad hair condition. If you want to make a ponytail any way then make sure that you are not using rubber band. Instead of rubber bands, use covered bands because rubber bands put pressure and tension on hair which may result in split ends.
  • If you are rubbing your hair, don’t use force. I have seen many people rubbing their hair too harshly. This is absolutely wrong so rub your hair with soft and gentle hands.
  • Are you fond of blow-drying your hair? If yes then keep one thing in mind. Do not go for heat drying because excessive heat can harm your hair.
  • Use a good shampoo as it removes all the dirt from your hair. After washing your hair, rinse them off thoroughly with water so that excessive shampoo may be removed. I will also recommend you to use a conditioner for proper nourishment of your hair. Apply conditioner to the ends as well as middle area of your hair and after that comb your hair to make sure that it has equally distributed. Wash off conditioner after 10 minutes and then dry your hair by rubbing them gently.
  • Do not comb or brush your hair when it is wet because wet hair is weak. Let your hair dry a bit and then you can comb your hair. Don’t try to use an old comb or a brush having broken teeth as they can cause irreparable harm to your hair. To give your hair a smooth and shiny look, always use hair brushes made of bristle and not of plastic and nylon.
  • Use moisturizing conditioners for healthy and long hair. These conditioners prevent breakage and keep your hair healthy.
  • If you are having dandruff problem then you can never have beautiful hair but here is a tip which you can follow. Mix 40% lemon juice with 60% vinegar and use this solution to massage your hair. After half an hour, wash your hair with shampoo and cold water. Before tying let your hair dry completely because damp hair can cause dandruff.
  • Get your hair trimmed quite often because trimming can remove split ends and lead to healthy hair. Girls can trim their hair after every three or four months while boys can do so after every one month.
  • You should also try taking foods like carrots, almonds, turnips and green vegetables. All these foods are good source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for strong hair roots. If you want strong long hair then your diet should consist of the items rich in iron and protein like milk, fish and leafy vegetables.
  • Restful sleep for eight hours is always recommended by doctors as sleep provides you with relaxation and it is the time when most of growth takes place. This also includes hair growth. So have a good sleep for enough time for healthy scalp.

Take these Summer Drinks for Soft and Shiny Skin

Skin is a part of our body that plays an important role in making our personality look attractive and gorgeous. All of us spend a lot to make our skin look fresh, young and attractive but during summer season taking care of skin becomes quite difficult because our whole body needs special care during hot summer. Summer season has arrived so you should start taking care of your skin. If you will not save your skin from sun and heat, you will get wrinkles and blemishes and even skin cancer. So this summer make a solid plan to take care of your skin in the best possible way. I will recommend you to take as many liquids as you can as they will not only make your skin soft and shiny but also make you feel fresh even in summer. Drinking lot of liquids in summer is a secret to have beautiful skin. Here I am going to provide you with a list of some summer drinks which you should take in your daily routine.

Watermelon Juice: Watermelon juice is excellent to be taken during summer as it contains a lot of water and helps to balance the water level in your body.

Cool Smoothies: You can also make chilled smoothies but make sure that these smoothies are free of calories. Smoothies are very good for your skin as they make your skin healthy and hydrated. You can use any of your favorite fruits to make smoothies like mango, banana and strawberry.

Lemon Juice: Take lemon juice twice or thrice a day as it is a good liquid to be taken in summer. Lemon juice is very good for health because it controls body heat. It prepares your body to tolerate harsh heat of sun as well as it helps to remove toxins from body.

Sugarcane Juice: Sugarcane is a cool fruit which is loved by most of the people including me. It helps to bring temperature of body down but one thing should be kept in mind that sugarcane juice should always be taken before 6 PM.

Herbal Tea: Take herbal tea in summer to make your skin smooth, soft and shiny. Herbal tea is also very useful in balancing the water level in human body.

Gooseberry Drink: I always use a drink made of gooseberries and cherries in summer to control skin problems. So I will also recommend you to take this drink empty stomach in morning. Gooseberries are good for health because they control body heat and increase body’s resistance to fight against diseases including that of skin.

Green Tea: To maintain digestive system, drain out toxins and to hydrate the body, you should take green tea. It is necessary because all above mentioned functions play an important role to make skin beautiful and healthy.

Mint Juice: Mint is a vegetable having a wonderful cooling effect. If you want to improve your complexion then you should take mint juice in summer. You can make mint juice by following an easy process. Take one cup of mint leaves and half cup of coriander leaves. Chop them and after that mix half lemon, black salt and common salt in it. Add some water and then grind this mixture. After straining the liquid add ice and enjoy a cool and refreshing drink.

Water: How can we forget about water? Water is the most important and beneficial drink in summer because it is good for your skin. Take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Fruit Juices: All kinds of fruit juices are god for both health and skin. I will recommend you to take 3 to 4 glasses of fruit juice daily to keep your skin fresh, soft and shiny.

These summer drinks are quite beneficial and healthy so make a habit to take any of these drinks in your daily routine.

Best Foods for Sound Sleep

Lack of restful sleep has a very bad effect on one’s health making one tired and drowsy. There are many people around us which suffer fro lack of sleep. Are you also among one of them? If yes then you must carefully consider the foods to you eat daily. Yes the food which we eat in our daily life has a strong impact on our sleep. It has been proved by experts that there are some perfect foods which help giving you a sound sleep. Some of these food items are listed below:

  • Eating bananas can help you in having a sound and restful sleep at night. Banana contains potassium and magnesium which help relieving your stressed muscles. If you don’t like to eat bananas then you can mix a banana in a cup of milk and blend it to make a smoothie. This tasty smoothie will be easy to drink and will help you a lot in having a sleepy night.
  • Use dairy products like milk and yogurt to enhance your sleep. Dairy products contain calcium which not only lowers your stress level but also stabilizes your nerve fibres which is necessary to have a sound sleep at night.
  • It has also been proved by research that miso soup should be used by persons who are suffering from lack of sleep. This soup contains amino acids which produce natural hormone named melatonin which is quite useful to get a quality sleep.
  • Foods that are rich in protein are also proved to be the best for the treatment of lack of sleep. So instead of having sugar, try to eat a cake having eggs and cheese as these are rich in protein and are used as a cure of lack of sleep.
  • Most of the people believe that taking tea at night becomes a cause of lack of quality sleep but at the same time, it has been proved through research that chamomile tea is the best for having a good and sound sleep at night. Moreover, green tea can also be taken as it contains theanine which is also boosts your sleep.
  • To get a good night sleep, you are recommended eating a bowl of hot oatmeal as it is a great source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. These elements fulfill nutritional desires and help you getting sound sleep. But do not top oatmeal with sugar as it can result in lack of sleep. Instead of sugar, use fruits as topping.
  • Almonds are also rich in magnesium which not only gives restful sleep but also keep the muscles relaxed. Almonds also contain protein which keeps the level of blood sugar steady while you are sleeping.
  • Cheery juice is great for the people suffering from insomnia.
  • For getting sound sleep, you can also use Edamame. The easiest recipe is to make a paste of two cups of shelled and cooked edamame, one tablespoon of salt, little olive oil and a clove of garlic.

That was a list of some foods which you should include in your diet to overcome problem of lack of sleep. The above mentioned food items should therefore be a part of your grocery list.

Tips for Caring Obesity in Kids

Obesity in kids is one of the major problems which parents are facing these days. Obesity in kids is a danger for their health as it can cause asthma, heart diseases and diabetes. Moreover fat and obese kids suffer from some sort of complex when people mock at them. It may also cause depression among kids which is not good for their health. Are you also the parents of such a kid? Don’t worry as with encouragement and support and by following some easy tips, you can help your kid in maintaining a good weight. Here are a few tips that prove very helpful in caring for obesity in kids:

  • Unhealthy eating habits are a major cause of obesity in kids so being parents of an obese kid, you are require encouraging your kid to take a balanced diet containing all the necessary and essential components. Don’t let your kid miss his/her breakfast as it may also result in weight gain and obesity. Also such kids should control the number of meals they have in a day.
  • Food is mostly supplies to the kids from kitchen so your kitchen should contain healthy foods only. There should not be junk and unhealthy food and snacks. Obese kids should also be restricted for taking juices in larger amount. Instead of juices, encourage your kids to eat fresh fruits when they have a desire to take something sweet.
  • You will also require watching meal size your child is taking. You can read food labels to count the number of calories in each food your kid is eating. Another tip which you can follow is to serve food to obese kids outside kitchen to avoid temptation for more food.
  • Exercise is very important to stay fit and healthy. It is especially recommended for people suffering from obesity so if your kid is also among one of those people, encourage your kid for regular exercise. Exercise will do a lot for controlling obesity as it keeps the body parts moving.
  • You should also involve your kids in activities that involve moving body parts. You can assign them a specific task from daily routine to keep them moving. It will not only keep your kid healthy but at the same time it will help reduce obesity.
  • This is an era of computer games so kids spend most of their leisure time in playing video games or watching TV. Obese and over weight kids should not do that. Encourage them to play some sort of outdoor games like football, volleyball, tennis etc. Kids will run while playing these games and as a result they will manage top burn a lot of calories.

Follow these tips as childhood obesity is easy to be controlled rather than adult obesity. To gain more help and information, visit your nearest doctor to take advice in this regard.

Decorating a Fish Tank

Are you looking for some fish tank décor ideas? If yes then you have reached the right post. I have a number of useful ideas to decorate a fish tank. Decorating a fish tank is a fun filled activity as well as a necessity because a fish tank is not only a home for fish but also a decorative element of your room. I have also a fish tank in my room and I have decorated it beautifully using unique and different items. I just want to share these ideas with you people so that you can also have a beautiful fish tank in your interiors.

Ideas for Fish Tank Decoration

Here are some simple but practical ideas for decorating a fish tank:

  • You can use pirate chests and ships to decorate your fish tank. It is a wonderful and unique fish tank décor idea for a boy’s room. To build up your design, all you need to do is to place purple or deep blue gravel in fish tank and then add pirate ship wreckage. If your tank is small then you can enhance fish tank décor by adding plants around ship wreckage. But if you have a large tank in your room then you can use a number of other pirate-themed items. For example, you can place a pirate chest in front of your tank or place a skull adornment. After doing this, you can add plants around each item to enhance their presence.

  • If you have a fish tank in your kid’s room then decorations like that of Little Mermaid or SpongeBob are the best options. You can place a little mermaid sitting in the center of tank having plants around her or create a scene using all the characters of any other cartoon film which is most liked by your kid. You will also require taking care while selecting a color for gravel. For a Little Mermaid-themed tank, you will need blue gravel while for SpongeBob, you will need yellow gravel. The cartoon themes are not limited to these two characters as there are a number of other characters. One thing that I must add here is that you are require using only those decorative items that are approved for placing in fish tanks and don’t use dolls and other items as they can discharge chemicals in your fish tank.

  • To create a natural looking fish tank, you can use stones and wood items but it will require some extra efforts and judgment. Found rocks and wood should not be used as they can contain germs and parasites which may kill your fish. Instead of it, purchase wood pieces and tank stones. You can also place tank stones over regular gravel to add depth and give a more natural look. To give a finishing touch to your nature-themed fish tank, you can add live plants at the back of tank. Placing plants at the back of fish tank will also provide a place for fish to rest and hide. If you don’t want to purchase live plants for your fish tank then you can also buy plastic plants to decorate your tank.

  • Another great idea to decorate a fish tank is to use architectural tank decorations. These decorations will be expensive but they will make your tank look elegant and well-designed. Architectural tank decorations include structures of famous landmarks like Great Wall of China and Egyptian Ruins etc. Architectural pieces add depth and beauty to fish tank so start this process by placing sand colored gravel and then place the largest decoration item towards the back of tank. Place the pieces having different sizes in front of biggest piece to give an effect of layers. Plants are a necessary item for fish tank decoration so you are suggested to place some live or artificial plants in fish tank.

Aren’t these ideas great? Of course!!! You can use any of the above ideas to decorate your fish tank in a matchless and elegant way.

Bad Habits That can Damage your Skin

People use a lot of things to beautify their skin but forget to have a look on their personal habits. Yes there are some bad skin habits which cause damage to the skin but most of the people overlook these habits. Today I have decided to make you aware of such bad skin habits which you should avoid to have a healthy and gleaming skin:

  • Sun rays are harmful for skin as they can cause blemishes so putting a sun screen is essential to keep the skin protected from harmful rays of sun. We all know this fact but a few of us apply sun screen to keep our skin fresh. If you want a beautiful and glowing skin, don’t forget to apply a good quality sun screen before going into sun.
  • Lack of restful sleep is another bad skin habit as it causes to produce stress hormones. These hormones create dark circles under eyes and make your skin looking dull. Sleep does not only provides beautiful skin but it also help prevent wrinkles.
  • Are you a smoker? If yes then you can never get a fresh skin. Actually smoking decreases flow of oxygen in the skin and speeds up aging process due to which your complexion looks dull and dark. Smoking also causes lines around your mouth making you look ten years older than your actual age.
  • Drinking too much alcohol is also harmful for health and skin as well. Although red wine provides antioxidants which are good for skin, excess of this wine can harm your skin. Alcohol is a cause of dehydration which consequently leads to wrinkles and dryness of skin.
  • Another bad skin habit is to sleep with make up. Sleeping without removing make up is very bad for your skin because it gives rise to clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Too much exfoliation is not good for your skin. Your skin needs exfoliation only once a week. Exfoliation also wipes those oils from skin which are necessary to make the skin glowing.
  • If you are gaining or losing weight too fast then it will also damage your skin because in this case, fibers of your skin get weaker giving rise to premature aging, stretch marks and lines on skin.
  • Don’t compress your pimples because pimples are caused by bacteria and virus and after compressing a pimple, if your hand touches somewhere else on the skin, it will create new and more pimples. It may also cause scars and large pores which make your skin look bad.
  • Using too much salt in food is also a cause of bad skin as salt dehydrates the skin. Similarly, using too much sugar is also harmful because it results in wrinkles on your skin. So try to increase the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. A well-balanced diet will make your skin beautiful and glowing.
  • Some facial movements and expressions like frowning and laughing, that are repeated again and again, can cause contraction of skin muscles and produce wrinkles. Try to minimize excessive facial expressions.

Remember that skin is the most exposed and best part of our body and we must take care of it. Taking care of skin is not difficult at all. If you will simply avoid above mentioned bad skin habits, you will have bright and glowing skin.

Health and Beauty Tips for Teens

Today my post is especially for teens so if you are a teenager then you must read this post. I am a teen and I really know very well that teens are conscious about their looks and beauty but most of the teens don’t know that beauty is connected with good health. Teens often dream of glowing skin but they forget that what they eat affects their skin. They don’t know that taking a healthy diet is the first step towards attaining good looks. For such teens, I have gathered a number of health and beauty tips which are given below:

Health Tips

  • Say goodbye to junk and canned foods like burgers, chips, pizza and cookies. These foods are processed and contain either too much of salt or sugar and are low in nutrition. Some other junk foods are also high in fat and calories and eating these foods will only give you obesity and nothing else so make a promise to avoid these foods completely. Instead of these foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, spinach and lettuce. List of healthy food is not limited to these fruits and vegetables as you can have a large variety of healthy foods to choose from. I will suggest you eating two apples and two carrots a day as a first step towards getting healthy body and attractive looks.
  • Water is such a gift from nature that flushes out toxins from your body naturally so make a habit of drinking 10 glasses of water daily for glowing skin. If you are a sports person or work in sun then you will need more than 10 glasses of water to drink daily.
  • Besides eating healthy food, try to take multivitamins and essential minerals supplements as these things increase energy level to meet your nutritional requirements.
  • Add omega-3 fats in your diet as these fats are quite beneficial for good skin, healthy nails and hair. These fats are also good for brain health so eat food having omega-3 fats such as eggs, salmon and cod liver oil. If you are suffering from dry hair and skin, then you must include these fats in your food.
  • Eight hours sleep is also necessary for health and beauty. If teens don’t take a restful sleep for eight hours then they may suffer from depression, mood swings and other problems. Avoid watching TV at night because it may also disturb your sleep. Take a hot bath before going to bed or read a book as doing these will help you falling asleep.
  • If you are studying and doing job at the same time, you may suffer from stress which is neither good for your health nor for your beauty. So try to cut down your responsibilities and ask your parents to help you out. You may also ask your boss for cutting down your working hours.

Beauty Tips

  • If you are suffering from acne, then use acne treatment products in moderation as these products make the skin dry and can cause skin breakouts. I will recommend you using natural products to treat acne instead of using chemical-based products. Using raw honey is a natural treatment of acne and skin breakout as the moisture in honey hydrates the skin without clogging pores so apply two table spoons of raw honey to your skin at least once a week and let is stay on your face for 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with a cleanser.
  • Most of the teen girls use different kinds of cleansers for keeping their skin neat and clean. If you want to use cleansers then avoid from harsh cleansers and instead of them, use natural cleansers like raw honey and neem oil.
  • Teens are fond of wearing make up to look beautiful and smart but they don’t know that make up can clog skin pores resulting in acne and other skin problems. If you like to wear make up then try using mineral-based products so that make up may not harm your soft skin.
  • Coconut oil is good thing for skin and hair. You can not only use coconut oil for conditioning your hair but also you can apply it to your heals if they are cracked. You can also apply coconut oil to your whole body instead of lotion.

These were some beauty and health tips which every teen must follow to look healthy and fresh.

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