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Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Employees are asset of an organization so it is very important to keep employees’ morale high so that they can work with full dedication and loyalty. Employee morale can fall easily due to many reasons like lack of rewards and facilities, monotonous work routine or lack of appreciation. Employee’s fallen morale is very bad for an organization because employees with low morale do not work with interest and commitment. If you are facing problem of low employee morale then use the following ways to solve this problem:

  • Always treat your employees with respect. Don’t degrade them in front of other employees and control your temper in case your employee makes a minor mistake. If you want to improve your employees’ fallen morale, talk to them with courtesy, respect and kindness and make them feel how important they are for your organization. Use the words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and show keen interest in their work.
  • Mornings are mostly hardest part of day for workers who suffer from fatigue and tiredness. To make them feel better, offer them with coffee or tea so that they can become alert and interested in their work. This tip is very effective to increase employee productivity throughout the day.
  • Many employees feel themselves valued and important when their supervisors greet them and wish them on their special days. Some companies also offer paid day off to employees on their birthdays but only greeting and wishing them is also sufficient.
  • Employees and workers always want appreciation for their good work so to recognize their work, you can take actions like conducting a program named ‘employee of the month’. Doing this not only improves employee morale but also motivate others to do well.
  • To keep employees’ morale high, take employees out for dinner or lunch. When employees get opportunity of dinning out without paying bill, they will socialize with other employees in a good manner and will become more devoted to their work.
  • If you are impressed with an employee’s performance, appreciate him/her with a note or a bouquet of flowers. Your personal appreciation will definitely improve morale of that employee.
  • Holding meetings with workers is also a good way to improve employee morale. Hold meetings several times in a year and listen to your workers’ problems and complaints. A feeling of being heard is quite helpful to improve morale of employees. Also take their feedback when you apply new policies and rules. When employees will feel that they are involved in applying new policies, they will consider themselves important part of organization.
  • In case your employees encounter problems and conflicts with co-workers or customers, treat them well and try to resolve that conflict by stepping in.
  • Try to learn about your workers’ personal lives to show that you care for them. Ask about their spouse, kids and other family members. Your employees will definitely appreciate your interest and will feel protected and secured.
  • If your company achieves any target, throw parties for employees so that they can feel that their contribution has been noticed and appreciated.
  • Performance bonuses and other financial rewards are always liked by workers so show your appreciation and recognition in the form of bonus or salary increment.

Let me remind you again that an unhappy employee is always unproductive so follow the above mentioned ways to keep your employees ‘spirits high.

Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor is embarrassing as well as irritating because it makes you feel awkward. Sprays and deodorants are commonly used to eliminate body odors but sometimes these things are not enough to get rid of this problem permanently. In that case, one needs to do something extra-ordinary. People suffering from this problem mostly do a lot of search to get some tips and home remedies for this problem. I have a combination of both of these. Yes….if you are also suffering from bad body odor, then must read this post as I have gathered a number of tips and ways to eliminate body odor:

  • Mostly it is said that 8 to 10 glass of water are enough in a day but if you are suffering from the problem of body odor and you want to get rid of this, you should consume a lot more water than this quantity. So drink a lot of water as it helps a lot in eliminating toxins which may become a cause of bad and unwanted body odor.
  • You will also have to change your diet pan. Are you thinking why it is necessary to change your diet? Let me tell you that some of food items like onion, garlic and fish contribute a lot to body odor. It sounds strange but it is true. Avoid taking foods having dehydrogenated oils and preservatives. If you are suffering from a strong body odor then stop eating red meat and white flour. Instead of these things, try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as these are helpful in reducing body odor.
  • Have you heard of changing your clothing pattern to get rid of body odor????? Yes….tight and synthetic fabrics can cause extra sweating and consequently lead to body odor. Try to wear breathable and natural fabrics such as that of cotton and linen. This is necessary because synthetic fabrics retain body odor as compared to natural fabrics.
  • You should also try some natural remedies. To eliminate odor coming from under arms, use baking soda, vinegar or tea tree oil and apply them directly to under arms. Also take wheatgrass because it eliminates bacteria that cause body odor.
  • Last but not the least; take bath daily with a good anti-bacterial soap as taking shower is among one of the most effective methods of killing body odor. You can also take shower twice a day if you have strong body odor. Don’t take bath with hot water as hot water causes sweating.

That was all about my tips and remedies regarding body odor elimination. I hope you will find these very useful for you.

Tips to Control Habit of Overeating

Do you feel yourself unable to control the habit of overeating? If you have made a resolution that you will break your habit of overeating then you will need to be very careful about your overall eating habits. People, who have developed a habit of overeating, find it difficult to keep a check on their appetite but I have a set of some simple tips and instructions that are really helpful in this regard:

  • Firstly, I will share a tip with you which I followed and found very helpful. I was badly indulged in habit of overeating when my friend told me to stop drinking sodas and carbonated drinks. Let me tell you that carbonated drinks are your biggest enemies. Many people have a misconception that diet drinks have zero calories but they don’t know that sweetening agents used in these sodas stimulate your appetite. So stop drinking such sodas and use fresh fruit juice.
  • Drink a glass of water every morning before eating breakfast. This habit will not only reduce your appetite but also keep your body hydrated. Being hungry may be helpful in reducing weight but being thirsty is harmful for health.
  • Try to eat food a bit slowly because eating speedily is not good for health. Eat slowly and let your mind accept that your body has consumed enough food needed by your body. Our brain needs sufficient time to accept it so take your time to finish your meal. Doing this will send a message to your brain that you have taken the required food.
  • Emotional disturbance can also leads to the habit of overeating. In that case, try to avoid overeating and discuss your problem with someone close to you. After doing this, you will feel relaxed and calm and it will also save you from overeating.
  • Make a food journal and write everything you eat and drink in a day. It is a good tip to leave habit of overeating. After a week, review your journal and you will be able to find out that in what conditions you eat more than required by your body. Also try to find out which things make you hungry. Avoid such things and use alternate of such foods.
  • Make a habit of doing some sort of activity or exercise as it will also help you overcome this habit. I will recommend you to do yoga, dance or aerobics or any other activity that requires self-control. Stick to any of the activities for almost 6 months and you will see a huge difference because these activities will give you a confidence to control your habit.

These were some of the most important tips which I also tried to get rid of this habit of overeating. You can also follow them without any hesitation because they are all proven. So go ahead and make you look smart and healthy.

Tips to Improve Business Productivity

Improving business productivity is necessary to run a business smoothly as productivity is one of such elements that can win a competitive advantage for your business. Is your business suffering from low productivity levels? If it is so, you will have to carefully watch your procedures and employees’ activities because inefficient staff and procedures are major causes of low productivity. You don’t need to be worried about low business productivity because in this post I am going to describe some important tips that will help you in improving and sustaining your business productivity.

Improved Communication

If you want to solve the problem of low productivity then you will have to create a better working environment that should be advantageous for productivity. Open communication will help you a lot in making it possible. Employees should be given a chance to give their suggestions and ideas related to matters like office policies and procedures. When you will involve employees in business matters, they will feel their suggestion being invested in the success of your organization. To encourage their suggestions, you can use a number of tactics like you can offer rewards. Another thing which you can do is to allow your employees to have flexible working hours so that they can find time to resolve issues that are causing low productivity.

Training Programs for Employees

Employees will work in a more efficient and improved way when you will provide them with different training programs because non-trained employees feel unable to manage their job duties and responsibilities. If you have introduced a new method or procedure, let your employees know about it through training programs so that they can find it easy to follow changes. Training programs are not only necessary for existing employees but are also of vital importance for new hires. Develop special training programs for new employees and during the course of training, make sure that your new employees are learning necessary skills. Refresher courses can also be organized for existing employees to make them aware of the new technologies and software.

Resolving Employees’ Conflicts

It has been proved by research that disputes and conflicts among employees become a reason of low productivity. To overcome this problem, you can devise a system that can help employees resolving their conflicts. Encourage employees to report a problem about their coworkers so that necessary actions can be taken. When employees’ disputes will be solved, they will work more effectively and their frustration will be considerable reduced.

Rewarding Employees for High Productivity

If your employees are giving you a good and satisfactory level of productivity, encourage and motivate them by offering different rewards. Rewards are not limited to salary increments and bonuses but your reward may also be a free lunch or dinner at a fine restaurant. A gift certificate can also be used for the same purpose. Conduct special meeting to reward the employees so that other employees may also get motivation.

These were some of the most important steps which you can follow to increase productivity of your business. Follow these and run a successful business.

Follow These to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles under eyes are such a problem that is not only faced by older people but youngsters are also suffering from this problem as well. If you are also among those youngsters, then you must be searching for some cosmetics and creams to get rid of them. Apart from using cosmetics, there are a number of home remedies which you can follow to get rid of this problem. I myself had the same problem but I didn’t use any cosmetics. Instead, I used the following tips to get rid of dark circles under eyes:

  • Dark circles are mostly caused when skin under the eyes become baggy and soft so tightening the skin may be a remedy for getting rid of dark circles but how to tighten the skin? Answer to this question is cucumber. Yes, cucumber plays an important role in tightening your skin naturally and hence helps prevent dark circles therefore place freshly cut cucumber on your eyes daily and continue to do so for few weeks. You will definitely feel a big difference.
  • Black teabags are also popularly known as a remedy to get rid of circles. After using black tea, do not dispose them immediately but place these on your eyes for almost 20 minutes. Make sure that you are using separate tea bags for each of your eyes. Practice this for a week and see a tremendous improvement.
  • If black teabags are not available, then you can also use icepacks and place them on your eyes in the same way like teabags. Doing this will make your skin flexible and will help to get rid of dark circles.
  • Take essential vitamins especially Vitamin K because it is a good remedy and it works on dark circles like magic.
  • Last but not the least; you should drink a lot of water because drinking a lot of water not only helps to remove dark circle but also ensure you that you will not get dark circles again. You are needed to hydrate your body with water round the clock so drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. To keep your skin hydrated, you can also clean your face with water and a mild soap.

These were some home remedies for getting rid of dark circles but one thing that I must tell you is that you are first required to know about the exact reason of these dark circles. Some causes of dark circles may include aging, stress and lack of restful sleep. So besides following the above mentioned tips, take care of yourself. Eat fruits and vegetables and have a restful and sufficient sleep every night. If you are addicted to drinking and smoking, please leave this habit as it may also become a cause of dark circles.

Home Remedies to Control Cholesterol

Are you worried about ever-increasing level of cholesterol in your body? You must be because high levels of cholesterol can lead to a number of major problems like heart diseases, obesity and much more. You should be very careful about cholesterol level in your body and try to control it. Most people think that some kind of medicine is necessary to control this problem but they don’t know that cholesterol level can also be controlled using some home remedies along with medicines. Some of these home remedies are given below:

  • First and very simple step to control cholesterol is to eat garlic cloves. If you are suffering from high cholesterol level then you must take seven cloves of garlic daily. An alternate to garlic cloves are garlic capsules which you can take instead of garlic cloves. These capsules are for those people who do not like garlic smell.
  • I will also recommend you to take at least 400 international units of Vitamin E daily as it helps in keeping cholesterol under control. Actually Vitamin E prevents cholesterol from forming into plaque which can block arteries and consequently leads to heart attack so take Vitamin E daily along with other cholesterol medicines.
  • Eat grapes or drink grapes juice daily as skin of grapes play an important role in controlling cholesterol level.
  • You should also eat at least one and a half sections of grape fruit every day in order to lower cholesterol level. Eating grape fruit daily can lower cholesterol by 7 percent in just 2 months. Grape fruit contains pectin that manages to lower cholesterol level in your body.
  • Adding beans to your diet is another good home remedy. All kinds of beans help to keep cholesterol level under control so make a habit to eat one and a half cup of beans daily to lower your cholesterol by 22 percent. Beans also contain cholesterol- lowering pectin.

Follow these tips and remedies to control cholesterol and lead a happier and healthier life.

Decoration Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Have you fixed your wedding in coming autumn? If yes then you may be worried about decorating your wedding venue as autumn weddings are difficult to manage and decorate. Don’t worry because I have a wonderful collection of ideas to decorate a fall wedding. If you want to decorate your wedding venue beautifully, then you must read this post for some great ideas:

  • First of all, let’s come towards decorating aisles. The best idea to decorate aisles is with autumn colored leaves. You can find these leaves at any arts and crafts store. Another idea is to use fresh leaves as they will give a natural look but they are delicate and can become dry quickly.
  • When we think about decorating a wedding venue, the first thing that comes to mind is flower decoration. But to give a unique look to your wedding decorations, I will suggest you using autumn plants like ferns, wheat, grapevine and Indian corn to be used as decorative item. If you have not decided about the wedding venue yet, then arrange your wedding in such a church that is surrounded by autumn trees and fall foliage.
  • While making bouquets, use fall flowers like dahlias. But I prefer roses to all other flowers as they have their own beauty and fragrance. Roses are available in different shades like yellow, red, brown and orange. You can use any of these colors depending on the color of other decorative items you are using. The most common type of rose that is used in fall wedding bouquet is Confetti rose.
  • For place cards, use pumpkins having small size and stem attached with them. Make a semi-deep cut into stem by using a sharp knife and after that, insert place cards in stems. For more security and strength, you can use glue to paste place cards with stems. If you are unable to arrange pumpkins, you can also use gourds and squash.
  • For decorating room in which wedding is to take place, you can use fall plants like Indian corn, grapevine and mums. Also place pumpkins, gourds and apples around the room and on tables.
  • As a table centerpiece, you can use candles and non-flammable leaves. It is better to use candle holders to place candles and leaves.
  • Don’t forget that you will also have to present wedding favors to your guests. The best idea is to give your guests a fall treat as a favor. For this, you can purchase packets of cider and tea and pack them with a cinnamon stick. Another idea is to pack homemade apple cinnamon muffins in plastic bags. Tie these bags with fall-colored ribbons.

What do you say about these ideas? Hopefully you will like these. If it is really so then use these ideas to decorate your fall wedding.

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